Zandalari Mount Size

(Shadina) #1

I’m not sure if this has been talked about, but I do think the Zandalari need larger mounts than the other races, and should be using Tauren sized mounts. They’re over double the size of blood elves, and tower over some of the other races. If they’re on something like a hyena, their feet drag into the floor ridiculously, and that shouldn’t be the case.

Even on a raptor, my zandalari looks over sized for it, and his legs clip into the animal. It’s kinda glaring.

Edit: I’ll include links to screenshots.


See how in this one, from the front, you can easily see the robe clipping through the raptor. Forgetting the fact he’s overly huge for the mount.


And in this one, his foot straight up disappears, because it’s clipping into the raptor’s side, due to how low his foot actually hangs. If the raptor were larger, his foot would be closer to the back where it’s supposed to be, thus not clipping.


The Hyena fiasco, as I mentioned earlier. This animal in particular looks like he’s suffering. I was testing animations, voice lines, etc - mounted up, and saw this. This looks ridiculous.

The Zandalari might have been fine with normal sized mounts prior to their size adjustment, but now it’s kinda clear they need something more.

Zandalari mount size

I was checking this out on the PTR, and I 100% agree. The size of their mounts needs to be adjusted.

Now, does that mean they should be Tauren sized? I’m not sure. But maybe somewhere in between the mount sizes for Tauren and the mount sizes for most other races? Current sizes look silly sitting next to any other race.

(Shadina) #3

I think Tauren makes the most sense because gnomes also use tauren sized mounts. It’s not as bad if a mount looks too big for a race rather than the other way around where a race looks too big for mounts and is reduced to picking out from very few due to not wanting to look silly.

(Tezari) #4

Should definitely be tauren-sized. Zandalari in lore rival the height of tauren and may even be a couple of inches or so taller on average if you analyze Vol’jin: Shadows of the Horde and how they compare Zandalari to jungle trolls and mogu.

They should technically be taller in-game as well, as tall as tauren are. Of course they can’t be 10’ because of all the tiny doorways they’d get stuck in but alas. Them being as tall as an upright jungle troll doesn’t make much sense either.

(Shadina) #5

Agreed. Hopefully Blizzard sees this and does something about it because as it stands, the mount size is far too small. And we’ll be unlikely to see a quick fix to this if Zandalari go live and the people who aren’t doing PTR testing realize that: “Oh, this looks ridiculous.” Then Blizz’ll get flooded with forum threads, tickets, etc, and be scrambling.

(Oshgaru) #6

The hyena mount looks small on all races, but I otherwise agree. That’s probably why their main racial mounts are giant direhorns and ravasaurs.

(Tezari) #7

Still sad the Zandalari paladin mount wasn’t a gilded devilsaur because that’d be the coolest thing ever.

But yeah, they have a great fondness for big dinosaurs, you especially forgot brutosaurs who are right out massive. And I love them.

(Maelfarion) #8

The Crusader’s Direhorn looks too small as well. Like you’re riding a baby tric.

(Yagarr) #9

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Yeah, I think Zandalari mounts are awkwardly small too.

(Shadina) #10

Yeah, it’s kind of insane. I don’t understand how this remains unfixed without any form of notification that it might be changed, considering how close we are to them being released. At least I hope we’re close. Given everything, in a perfect world, I’m hoping in the next couple weeks.

(Syegfryed) #11

indeed something who should be fixed, i didn’t even realized that

(Jardz) #12

It seems like since zandalari use the night elf rigging as a base their mount size is the same. Since zandalari are a lot bigger they need to increase the size of their mounts. so many are stupidly small


absolutely dreadful mount scaling for the zandalari. prob not gonna race change after all. they dwarf the raptor mounts i would want to use :smile:

(Nøz) #14

My Darkspear Troll’s feet always drag on the ground with certain mounts. Darkspear need to have their mount size increased as well.


Fewer than 2 weeks until release and the ztroll mounts are still too small. Blizz, please fix.

(Revolutionx) #16

I’m sorry I have to say this but it actually makes me not want to play one. How a character looks on their mount is extremely important to me. I really hope they look into this but the better question is: what can they do?

(Revolutionx) #17

Just went on the PTR and faction changed this druid to see how it was. It’s absolutely awful. Worse than Tauren. The amount of clipping/undersized mounts is astonishing. Zandalari’s legs hang down so far it looks extremely awful on almost all ground mounts. It’s so bad I cant reason race change to one until they do something about this. What a shame.


If you hop on a Cobalt pterodax as a zandalari your size will decrease by half, making you basically the size of a belf

(Maelfarion) #19

That’s disappointing. I hope this is fixed.

(Spiçy) #20

Man wish i had seen this earlier. Mounts dont scale nearly enough to meet Ztrolls size. They look…awkward… on many mounts