Zandalari & Kul Tiran Allied Race Testing


Kul Tirans are TOO TALL, just like Zandalari were too short. They are taller than Night Elf and Draenei males, bigger than Orcs, and look silly next to regular humans. It’s completely immersion breaking. Make them like 15% shorter please.


I meet all of the requirements but the quest to unlock them isn’t available. Nathanos only has the quest to kill Jaina. Anyone have this issue?

(Svenska) #23

If you made a Zandalari at any point or race changed into one, you’re out of luck.

(Nalliah) #24

I was able to test part 4 of the War Campaign quest chain, but the Kul Tiran unlock ambassador quest was unavailable to me (the achievement is given by default, after all).

This may be because I had beta access previously where allied races were given by default, but I doubt it. All I know is that Kul Tirans are able to be created, but the quest is unavailable with requirements met because I already have the achievement by default on the PTR.

I’d like to test this, but if I am not meant to, I can live with that.

(Nalliah) #25

The reason Kul Tirans are so tall (rather, why some Kul Tirans are, the playable ones) is because they have Drust blood in their veins; they are giants of humans because of this. Their massive size is by design and intention.

They are literally intended to be the largest playable race on the Alliance, and the fact they tower over many of the other races is intended. (That said, they are pretty similar in size with draenei and worgen, the otherwise largest Alliance races.)

I feel like Zandalari are about the right size, for what it is worth. They are the tallest female characters on the Horde, and the second tallest male characters. They are big enough to suit their background. (It’s tauren who should technically be larger, but that would literally break the game!)

(Svenska) #26

Can we do something about those of us that can’t do the unlock scenarios? Please?


That’s not true. If that was the case, Warcraft 2 doesn’t make any sense then. At all. Drustblood should make them taller, but not pseudo Vrykul. It unbalances the factions feel.

(Svenska) #28

I kinda like a tall race that isn’t build like a refrigerator. *shrugs


The Kul Tiran female legs look bowed when she runs. I’m not sure if that is intentional, but it’s almost as if her thighs are rounded. If you look at an actual heavy-set woman she doesn’t run with bowed legs. Her thighs tend to stay close together but her rear does a broader swing with each foot forward.

I mention it because it looks odd.


Sorry, dunno if already mentioned.
The Kul Tiran females are expressionless.
The humans at least move their face.
Thank you

(Noraver) #31

Not being a space goat fridge is fine (Can’t wait to race change away from mine), but as it stands, Kul’Tiran look like washing machines on legs.
Was seriously hoping we could choose the normal body type as an alternative.

Please take a second look at the female running animation; it’s too stiff; both their upper and lower body feels like it barely moves at all, but at the same time looks like they take way too many steps (If that makes sense). Maybe it’s just me, but it sure feels/looks that way.
A longer stride for a tall race may help relieve this.


The male Worgens need that kind of stride like the Taurens and Dreaneis.


yo, dont tie LFR to unlocking the zandalari. por favor. POR FAVOR! its bad enough we have to “unlock” them. i mean who wants that lfr clear in their profile its so embarassing


(Etheldald) #34

they don’t, you only need to do the 8.1 war campaign. you don’t need to do the raid.

(Jaheira) #35

Kul Tirans and Zandalari Trolls STILL CANNOT ride mounts! Kul Tirans, both male AND female, are unable to sheathe/unsheathe their weapons, and last but not least - take a careful look at the Female Kul Tiran Human’s eyes. Her eyes bulge out of her eyesockets, every time she runs and jumps! It’s really game-breaking! No other race has this issue!

(Lashrael) #36

Zandalari racial tabard model is wrong. It’s currently using the Tabard of the Zandalari Empire model.


im too lazy to dl and try ptr but word on the streets is you have to do the new raid to unlock zandalari. i hope you are right :ok_man:

(Jaheira) #38

Even Blizzard said this past Tuesday, that you do NOT have to do the raid, to unlock Zandalari Trolls/Kul Tiran Humans.

EDIT: Look it up on… Scroll through all of the news, from Page 1, then go to Page 2, and so on. There will be a thread, stating that a Blizzard Representative clarified that you do NOT have to do the raid, to unlock the new Allied Races.


Awesome, now how about letting us actually get into PTR…cause right now you have over 1.7k Views on a thread labeled. “No Realms Available.”
Could we get some attention? that would be great.


Visual / UI Bug:

Something is causing Male Kul’tirans to only display two face options at character creation. Seems like everyone is having this.