Zandalari & Kul Tiran Allied Race Testing


We’ve seen some confusion about the unlock requirements for Zandalari and Kul Tirans, and how that relates to testing them on the PTR. We’d like to clarify where things stand currently, and what our plans are once they’re officially released.

The basic requirements to unlock Zandalari and Kul Tiran are as follows:

  • Exalted with that race’s faction
  • Completed the content achievement for that race (“Zandalar Forever!” or “A Nation United,” respectively)
  • Completed the Tides of Vengeance War Campaign achievement

On the PTR, we’ve enabled the last part of the War Campaign early, so that the Allied Race unlock quests can be started. As long as you satisfy the other requirements, and are at 3/4 of the requirements for the Tides of Vengeance War Campaign achievement, you’ll be able to speak to Nathanos on the Banshee’s Wail or Halford Wyrmbane on the Wind’s Redemption to get started unlocking Allied Races on the PTR.

New races out on Tuesday?

(Portergauge) #3

Can’t embed images yet, but here’s the problem I am currently having. I completed the achievement both during 8.1 testing and for 8.1.5, and the tracker is not giving credit to start the unlock questline.

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(Charity) #4

And no, if you’re worrying or wondering about this, You’re not going to have to rep up with some new faction – if you are Exalted with the Proudmoore Admiralty or Zandalari Empire and done the War Campaign, that’s enough. You’ve played through the story, you’ve earned their alliance, they will come join your faction but that’s not going to happen until after the raid.

(Lilbabyaidy) #5

Do the Kul Tiran males really only have 2 facial customization options, or will more be added prior to them going live?

(Jaheira) #6

On… The Dressing Room shows MORE than just the 2 face options Male Kul Tirans currently have in the PTR.

(Stylee) #7

Did you also fix the OP nature of the horde race traits? or are you hoping that the few alliance forgot?

(Numbers) #8

Textures still flickering in an out when camera moves, Zandalari And Kultiran still can’t use Mounts, and after cancelling the aura buff for my Zandalari Racial it’s on cooldown for 25 days.

(Etheldald) #9

i can’t start the kul tiran intro yet even when i have the requirements
it is available yet?

(Smig) #10

Already been addressed, should think about waiting until they implement said values before continuing with your… critique.

(Cantaloupe) #11

I think the clarification people (or at least myself) want is whether or not the Tides of Vengeance achievement will be obtainable at 8.1.5’s release if they have all other prerequisites other than the 4th part of said achievement, or whether that 4th part will be time-gated based on the LFR unlock schedule as has been rumored.

This is the bit that worries me.

(Revolutionx) #12

Blizzard has decided on the play dumb tactic. So far its fooling everyone. Give it a year then they’ll nerf it.

(Revolutionx) #13

So youre honestly saying its not final? Ill bet all my ingame gold the values you see on the ptr are final. All 3.5m gold.

(Neversage) #14

Testing male Zantrolls, I’ve noticed the following:

  • Many VO lines and emote animations are not present, I assume NYI.

  • The run animation is pretty rough. It feels very unnatural for them to lean forward so far, almost like it should be the sprint animation.

  • Many helms hide ears when they shouldn’t.

  • Dead horse, but I’d love a barbershop option to show or hide foot armor.

  • Druid travel and moonkin form do not have dances, and are missing some other emotes.

  • Druid cat form looks like it should have racial ears like other races’ cat forms.

  • The no earring option for male is 6, but for female it is 1. Perhaps these should be the same for more consistency when changing via services or items.

  • Skin color cannot be changed in the barbershop.

  • The animation for Regeneratin’ is a standard omni-casting animation. If it used the directed-casting animation, it would better match other implementations like Zul’Jin in Heroes of the Storm.

  • Oh, and Regenratin’ is particularly hard to use for Guardian Druids. It shifts you our of bear form, where other tanks can get at least a tick in between boss swings. Can we let it be used in Druid forms?

  • I almost forgot. If no dance has been chosen for them yet, can male Zantrolls do the Scarn?

Update: Run animation fixed in the latest build. Looks much better. Thanks, Blizz!

(Smig) #15

It appears Kaivax said that.

Ptr for 8.1.5 has been up for 1 week, at the time of this post reset hasnt happened yet, embrace the loa tool tip literally says it isnt finalized, we have a blue post flat out stating that values arnt final and you are offering up all your digital currency that no one cares about.

okay, I’ll give you a thumbs up emoji if regeneration manages to make it through all ptr without getting adjusted, unless I forget.


Will they be starting with their reps at certain levels? It seems odd that only one Allied race has a rep advantage over the others. It would make sense to make it the same across the board. KT exalted with PMA, LF with Army of the Light, etc. Basically, we are sent by the faction leader to help our respective factions, so the exalted rep would be “story justified.”

(Noraver) #17

Last I checked, the Kul’Tiran Females throw the spell effect out of the wrong hand; Their right hand is the one that moves with the “oomf”, but everything comes out of their left.
Looks pretty bad, hope it’s a bug.


The questline to start the Kul Tiran (and I assume Zandalari as well) are not available if you previously logged on a Kul Tiran or Zandalari character, presumably because you already earned the achievement to unlock said races when you logged on those characters. The account has the Tides of Vengeance achievement completed, and had the other requirements completed pre character copy.

For this reason (since I logged to check their racials), I’m unable to test either questlines.

(Stylee) #19

the Lul Tiran cosmetic options are still not complete (just half the options of horde), please tell us when they will be available for testing.

(Svenska) #20

This is my problem as well. I’ll do the war campaign over again if I’m reset. Please fix. Wants test :frowning: