Zandalari Druids Need More


Just want to toss this out there but I would love a Direhorn Glyph for the Zandalari Druid Guardian Form. Would really take it that one step closer to feeling like a Dinomancer. If a Glyph doesn’t work maybe an appearence unlock down the road would be nice. Perhaps even linked to a Zandalari lore item specific to the race. You know some race/class content for players.

Just a request. I know this is the PTR forums but the Zandalari are not in live yet after all.

(Smig) #2

This would be cool. In game we see them use direhorn and raptor forms in combat. I’m really surprised that a raptor was used for travel, it would be more fitting if the switched it to feral and moved the weird cat mutants to travel.


Nothing is ever enough.

(Maelfarion) #4

But it would be enough if he could play as a Direhorn so you are wrong.

(Shadina) #5

Honestly, I’m in agreement. I feel like the Direhorn would have been a much better tank stance for Zandalari druids considering that’s what we’ve seen them turn into every opportunity. With some modifications, the bear rig would be used for the direhorn, maybe on everything except running.

But I imagine that was the point to the ankylodon was that it was supposed to be the bear form just with a new coat of paint.

(Sifu) #6

I think their Guardian form should have been a Direhorn from the start. Those are the tankiest looking beasts in the game.

(Kerguelen) #7

I want to play as a basically-triceratops.

(Tezari) #8

The direhorn model in general needs an uplift, it’s a model from MoP, could definitely use more polygons. Their feet are horrendous lmao.

But yeah, would be dope to have direhorns as bear form.