You're just like everyone else now : )

You’re the one being carried.

I have 8 25s with stellar logs so I doubt it.

…prove that loot seeds don’t care about player-made loot systems?!


Delusions galore I swear.

Nobody can explain to me how GDKP is pay to win like they claim. I’m waiting for an argument that actually makes sense. I dont’ just walk into ICC and bosses die. Someone’s gotta clear the content.


Flashbacks to TBCC classic when there were people who believed the person who entered the raid first set the loot seed. Please do not ask me to explain how they thought this worked.

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The dissonance really has hindered your reading and comprehension, huuhh?

No need to waste time arguing with you. GDKP is banned.

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You can’t win an argument with me. Corrected it for you bro.

So does the AH.

Dont need to. Its moot.

Can’t. Corrected again bro. I’m gonna start charging for the service.


Your cracks are showing

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What cracks? The one’s in your logic?

Hes super mad lol. This is good stuff.

Not mad bro. You’re the one tilted enough to keep coming back for more.

They’re probably just a troll with no horse in this race tbh.

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I’m not a troll. I’m a GDKP organizer that hates when people cry baby to dev’s about being gatekept out of my runs.

Sure thing champ.


I mean this sincerely, from gamer to gamer: I think you need to take a break from this game for a bit. No hate.

Normally I’d avoid these forums like a plague. However, if nobody speaks up I won’t have GDKPs back.