Your rarest title?

I think mine is Conqueror of Azeroth. Nearly broke my will to play the game but man it felt good getting it.

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According to the list of rare titles on the rarest title I have is the old Knight title from Vanilla


Thanks Eiry. Looks like Stone Guard is my rarest.

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Doesn’t work for me, just keeps saying “oops… something went wrong”


Same here.

I’m pretty sure I have like 2 ‘rare’ titles.

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My now 110 priest, from Vanilla, is the one who got it.

You have not been able to get it from when BC came along, or something?

Weird, I also have knight which it says is even more rare?

Hmmm “Groundbreaker” is one of the rarest? We can still get that… NEXT UP FOR ME!

No matter what button I press the website just gives me a “oops… something went wrong” So I’m assuming it’s an issue with me blocking what ever it’s trying to send via adblocker and all that.


Probably Mistwalker

Battlemaster probably.

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Of the Black Harvest.


it gives me errors if i try to view anything beyond the first 25. :zipper_mouth_face:


Apart from random Vanilla PVP titles on different characters, Arena Master. I had Gladiator but that goes away unless you’re good enough to keep it so I can’t really count that.

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Apparently Grandmaster is my rarest, oof. Aside from that it’s Lightbringer, which is a pretty recent title anyway.

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Dragon slayer… from Hero Sinestra. Back in the day world top 100 kill… 99th lol

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Can’t get the link to work but I’ll guess the Insane. It took me the longest anyways lol


The site doesn’t work for me but I would have to guess for me it would be Diplomat or Crazy Cat Man.



I also cant get it to work. I’m guessing Salty, but I have the vanilla Sergeant as well. Salty is my favorite haha.

Prob Grand Crusader or Death’s Demise



So proud of this feat.


According to the list … Assistant Professor? Rarer than Professor? Surely that can’t be right.

EDIT: I was reading the list like a meathead. It turns out that the rarest title I have is “… of the Shattered Sun”, and the rarest one that I actually use frequently is “Highlord”.