Your rarest title?

(Byniri) #1

I think mine is Conqueror of Azeroth. Nearly broke my will to play the game but man it felt good getting it.

(Eiry) #2

According to the list of rare titles on the rarest title I have is the old Knight title from Vanilla

(Tovi) #3

Thanks Eiry. Looks like Stone Guard is my rarest.

(Kittredge) #4

Doesn’t work for me, just keeps saying “oops… something went wrong”


Same here.

I’m pretty sure I have like 2 ‘rare’ titles.

(Kypookins) #6


My now 110 priest, from Vanilla, is the one who got it.

You have not been able to get it from when BC came along, or something?

Weird, I also have knight which it says is even more rare?

Hmmm “Groundbreaker” is one of the rarest? We can still get that… NEXT UP FOR ME!

(Kittredge) #7

No matter what button I press the website just gives me a “oops… something went wrong” So I’m assuming it’s an issue with me blocking what ever it’s trying to send via adblocker and all that.

(Varb) #8

Probably Mistwalker


Battlemaster probably.

(Sinfel) #10

Of the Black Harvest.

(Nobully) #11

it gives me errors if i try to view anything beyond the first 25. :zipper_mouth_face:

(Xoja) #12

Apart from random Vanilla PVP titles on different characters, Arena Master. I had Gladiator but that goes away unless you’re good enough to keep it so I can’t really count that.

(Kiblee) #13

Apparently Grandmaster is my rarest, oof. Aside from that it’s Lightbringer, which is a pretty recent title anyway.

(Redseal) #14

Dragon slayer… from Hero Sinestra. Back in the day world top 100 kill… 99th lol


Can’t get the link to work but I’ll guess the Insane. It took me the longest anyways lol

(Grumbles) #16

The site doesn’t work for me but I would have to guess for me it would be Diplomat or Crazy Cat Man.



I also cant get it to work. I’m guessing Salty, but I have the vanilla Sergeant as well. Salty is my favorite haha.


Prob Grand Crusader or Death’s Demise



So proud of this feat.

(Ataxerxes) #20

According to the list … Assistant Professor? Rarer than Professor? Surely that can’t be right.

EDIT: I was reading the list like a meathead. It turns out that the rarest title I have is “… of the Shattered Sun”, and the rarest one that I actually use frequently is “Highlord”.