Your first guild

(Mazaga) #41

My first guild was back in vanilla with a bunch a real life friends, it exploded in a spectacular fashion. Since then I’ve kept WoW friends and IRL friends in separate buckets.

(Keyás) #42

oh my, i spoke with somebody from the grim a few days ago, he was pretty nice! :slight_smile:


I joined my first guild back in vanilla on Twisting Nether. It was, still is, and always has been The Grim. :smiley:

(Sholaad) #44

First guild ever: No idea
First guild on this server: < Hand of Argus > serving Etonlor our vindicator leader. Great times!

(Keyás) #45

hello, thanks, i love reading everyone’s stories here ^^ i love hearing how this game and the people playing it have made a difference in other’s lives! i’m living for such stories

after i went back with the memory machine, i remembered that technically i was in what would be a levelling guild – perhaps for 15 minutes
i don’t remember the name of that guild, just that i saw green text on screen and was confused and overwhelmed, so i left
no idea what became of this nameless guild, sure enough long dead tho

alas, greetings to everyone, and hugs if i see you out in the world of warcraft :heart:


Mine was the Shattered Star eXiles back on vanilla Mannoroth. They were a great, great, group of people but I wanted to stop raiding and play Horde so I left and began playing Horde. My first guild on WrA was/is the Sundered Skull Clan that started up when the server first opened. We had a blast, but life caught up with a lot of us and we went into hibernation for quite a while. Every once in a while you’ll see Dromtar walking around the Valley of Honor proudly wearing the scar though. :slight_smile:


Vanilla, Earthen Ring, Alliance-side. I like to solo, but I was aware that a network would be better, so I made a guild for solo peeps. It seemed like a good idea at the time to indicate it was a guild full of solo’ers… so… uh… it was “Lone Wolves”. I did have almost 200 solo’ers in it by the time Moon Guard launched and I bailed, but all the solo’ers had largely transformed to guildies by then.

(Vuraka) #48

My first guild was a troll group called Darkfang Tribe. I made it as soon as Scarlet Crusade server went live and my buddies and I used it to learn the game. Unfortunately they all dipped out to go play on a PvP server while I stayed and RPed. Though I used their departure to create my first orcish group, Bloodlust Clan, which was named in honor of Grom’s sacrifice.

Ran Bloodlust in tandem with Bladescar Clan until the House Wars on Sentinels (which we transferred to) destroyed most of the clan and tribes there during late BC.