Your first character

(Bassets) #41

This is my first toon, I am very attached to her.

I started playing in Cata on an old macbook (so everything was very dark). I had never played a game like this before, but my friend said I’d enjoy it. I was so bad, I received the falling from high places achievement the first day I played (night elf tree ramps were a bit challenging for me).

I started on a pvp server, and spent a lot of time dead as the server was primarily horde. But my friend enjoyed it because when I’d get ganked, he’d come and gank the gankers. I on the other hand didn’t enjoy it at all, so I learned to level really late at night when no one was around. I was so glad when the guild moved to a pve server.
I was amazed at the world, and I still am, so much so, that I do not like spoilers at all. I like to experience new xpacs or patches as they come out.

(Mychasi) #42

First character I set foot into Azeroth is this Night Elf Rogue right here. I can’t give the exact time only vaguely during mid or late Burning Crusade. When Karazhan was the big deal for a raid and I’m guessing Sunwell Plateau.

At the time, I’d only played Warcraft 2. I never touched Warcraft 3, I knew next to nothing. It was also the time I avoided WoW on the account of hearing so many tales from others of how addicting it was (commonly called on some occasions World of Warcrack)

It was around this time, a long time friend I know asked, pleaded even somewhat begged for me to join. I resisted time and time again as I didn’t want to fall into that pit of gaming addiction. My friend’s perseverance payed off in the end.

At the time Blizzard was doing this trial where you create a character and explore for maybe two three weeks for free. I figured ok may as well try this out.

As I looked through the classes and races I chose alliance due to said friend being alliance. I browsed each class for the night elf and looked at the description for each. I chose the rogue because I thought to myself.“Warrior and Hunter probably makes the game too easy to level given the gear and weapons they have. I want a challenge.” (hoo boy I had NO idea what challenge I was giving myself.)

Character was created, name was given and boom! Seeing the cutscene as the narrator describes the backstory of the night elves and what we were going up against.

I must say the challenge I gave myself was monsterous. No idea what rogues were capable of, unaware of the concept of gear and its uses. I remember throwing out much cloth cause I had no idea what its purpose was as the meats among others (did not know about first aid and cooking at the time. Leveling those up so late in the game was painful.) The talent tree system was confusing so I chose what looked good unaware of the builds.

To say my journey through Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms was easy, I assure you it was anything but. I did that “rite of passage” all night elves did when they landed at Menethil Harbor. I was utterly lost when I set foot into Ironforge cause the map looked jumbled and confusing. Leveling in itself was also difficult on the account of the rogues abilites, talents and how sparse coin was.

The journey was long, hard and even frustrating at times. But I powered through (with my friends help whenever he was on.)

Years later and my rogue is still kicking (no pun) I’ll never forget those times and honestly who would not? So much sweat and tears worked into a toon. Would not trade all that time for nothing. Cept maybe learning to play a rogue better then blindly.

(Zeropointt) #43

Looking at him. I started playing in Legion…Night Elf because Drizzt do Urden…Mage because Dungeons and Dragons.

(Melithiria) #44

I made a Night Elf Rogue and a Draenei Hunter before this.
Neither are with us today (dunno why I deleted either of them).

Started this character shortly before the release of Black Temple.

Somebody helped me out with the Voidwalker quest, then gave me 5g… I thought they were rich. I thought that Undercity was enemy territory, because it looked “so scary” compared to the Blood Elf starting zone.

I didn’t have my own PC, so it was WOTLK by the time I got to level 20… and almost ICC’s release before I made it to cap.

I still didn’t understand raiding, but my guild and I managed to down the Lich King when it was current so there’s that.

I had rolled on a PVP server because of a friend… big mistake, especially because we never met before breaking it off. Noob me had no idea that “PVP server” implied “players can kill you at any time”. Outside of Wintergrasp, being flagged started to make me anxious.

Eventually I met somebody in a random dungeon who said MG was a nice, friendly server. Made a Death Knight, and went to Goldshire because I was told it was the place to be. Amusingly, my first impression of the place was a guy telling a story in-character and a few people sitting around… rather than what it’s currently known for.

Early Cataclysm, I race changed this character to a Troll; another big mistake. Eventually I was able to move this character and my main Death Knight over.

After a while, I race changed my character back to a Blood Elf and changed her name to its current iteration (the previous one was insulting to a deity I now follow).

MoP was great, but I picked up a nasty bit of PTSD due to an incident I won’t get into. I then found myself in an abusive guild… which is a trend that sadly continues today.

I’m kind of lonely now, but at least I’m not surrounded by sacks of piranhas or bothering anybody.


My first character was an amalgamation of a Dungeons and Dragons character. Snall, my Tauren hunter (since renamed and race changed), was based on a half-orc albino shaman who grew up among an orc clan and was harrased, sometimes brutally, by the Orcs of the clan. The Tribe Shaman, sensing the intelligence of his human heritage, took the half orc in and taught the ways of the shaman.

Now that we can play Mag’har Orcs, who more closely resemble my half orc character, I have made a closer version of him as a WOW Shaman. And I love the character. He’s fun to play now!


Started my first character many years ago just before the original Zul Gurub came out. I rolled a warrior figuring that since warriors don’t use magic she’d be easy to play, since I’m not the brightest bulb in the bush. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I remember seeing a level 60 character in the Elwynn Forest, and figuring he must be a virtual God. I also recall seeing players waiting around the Deadmines and assumed that they must be end-game raiders. I really wanted a white quality claymore I saw at Weller’s Arsenal in Stormwind and figured I’d probably never need another weapon if someday I could somehow afford to buy it.

Anyway, I made my way down to Jerod’s Landing in the Elwynn Forest and promptly got myself killed. Sadly, I turned the game off since since I assumed it was over. It wasn’t until several days later that I guy I knew told me I could come back to life and continue playing . . .:slight_smile:

(Kwashiorkor) #47

It was an orc hunter back at release. It was a special hunter, I think it was the 2nd hunter to hit level 60 back then(on the server I played on). Considering I had never played the game before I’m quite surprised.

Back then I was very into grinding for many hours. I didn’t even do quests, I was just grinding most of the day. WoW changed things in many ways for me. In mmos that I played before wow existed they were very social. That’s why I was shocked to see that players in wow were very different and kept to themselves. Eventually I turned into one of them /sigh.


My first one was a Night Elf hunter named Kayleath. Made her a few months before Lich King launched. Loved playing with my pets and met a friend I still have. I once shot Marrowgar while the raid was being explained. Luckily I was also guild leader at the time. They didn’t let me live that down.

I ran out of funds to sub and went on a free to play world tour. I returned in WOD and made Fluffybottom right before Legion. I had been against pandas before I left game in cata, but fell in love with my monk.


Jan 05, finally got the game in the mail and installed it. Immediately made a male Tauren hunter. I’ve always loved the ranger archetype and Tauren just looked the coolest. But I could never get into playing it. The run animation was so sluggish, I just couldn’t get past it. He got deleted.

After that I tried just about every race that could be hunter except Troll. I disliked the look of trolls and didn’t know why anyone would play one. None of them felt right either.

Then one day in I think February, I decided, screw it I’ll make a female troll hunter just to kill some time and I just never stopped playing her. She’s had many names on a half dozen servers and for an embarrassing couple months in wrath she was a spacegoat but she’s always been my main and I always come back to her.

(Krenindor) #50

When my friends used to tell me to come play WoW with them I used to reply things like: eewwww why would I want to play that more than 10 years old game?!?!

That was pretty much my stand on WoW for so many years, but earlier this year a friend(who I ended up dating after so yeah, I guess having a crush on her broke my systematic rejection of trying WoW) made me play the game for the first time after we got bored and with SWTOR.

I was very skeptic at first, during the download I thought “meh… just gonna play for an hour or 2 and never touch the game again”… I’ve never been so wrong. She wanted to play a BE paladin so in order to play together I also made a BE but Warlock. We played and after 2 hours I didn’t want to stop, I mean we did had to take a break… But I was looking forward to keep going, to explore the land and learn more about the lore, and the Horde was just so amazing, took us a few hours to get to Orgrimar and I was amazed by all those Orcs, goblins, trolls and even a few pandas there and there, and I was just looking around like a tourist with my BE Warlock, and it was loved at first sight with the Horde. I know it would be the faction I would want to mainly play.

I was playing on a trial account so when I bought the game we changed servers to go to Moonguard (truth is I don’t even remember what was my first server lol) But after seen how dead Horde was on Moonguard at that time my ex left for Wymrest and I followed her, instead of transfering my toon I just started it over, so I basically made the same toon 3 times in 3 different servers.

That was a few weeks before the last Legion patch was released, the roles have reversed now as most of my friends are playing other games while I’m playing WoW pretty much solo now. A game that a few months ago I had 0 interest in it, I still have my warlock, I got him to 120 2 weeks ago and I switch between him and my new main which is this DH. But my warlock will definitely always have a special place in my heart.

(Kéres) #51

My first was a Blood Elf Rogue. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing at the time, and after awhile, I more or less abandoned her (she’s currently sitting in her WoD garrison at level 94 or something because I do periodically go back and try to play her).

Next I made a Human Paladin (not this one). I wanted a class that could get up close and smack enemies without dying too much, and Paladin seemed like a good choice… but I played her “wrong”. In Retribution spec, I played her sword-and-board with a number of tanking talents selected on the tree. I did this almost until Pandaria came out.

When a friend invited to me to join his raiding guild in WoD, I didn’t want to transfer servers… so I made a new Paladin (this one), and got her leveled in record time. I put so much energy into getting her raid geared over the course of WoD, that she’s now been with me through three server transfers and six different raid teams.

I haven’t stopped my habit of making new toons instead of server or guild hopping though. I have a pair of Hunters, one who I raided on during Tomb and Antorus, and the other who I leveled because I didn’t want to guild transfer the first, and who is now my main raiding toon.


My first character was a Night Elf Mage! I always loved mages and elves so it was perfect. At around level eight I then started complaining about not being able to play the expansion I bought(Pandaria). In the end I accidentally took a bought to Northrend(at level 8 mind you) and tried fighting the scarabs outside the keep. After about 5 attempts I gave up )=

(Annanetta) #53

I started at the tail end of BC and wanted to play a blood elf. But, you had too buy the BC expansion which my mom didn’t understand why I wanted “another game after I just got one”. So, I tried making a night elf. I couldn’t stand 5 mins on it.

So I deleted it and hoped the tutorial was still going to kick on. I started my undead beauty here thinking “at least she’s not a human”. I did enjoy the Forsaken but always found their obsession with Sylvanas… creepy

(Kazrien) #54

I started in the middle of Wrath after a bunch of my buddies and I got a bad case of senoritis during our last year of college and decided to put our graduation in jeopardy by diving headfirst into this game. We chose Alliance, and I rolled this toon because I wanted to try out being a druid. It was cool, we all joined the same guild, some became raiders, others of us became mat gatherers, we recruited more people from our RL social circle into the game, and we managed to all graduate even though we spent way too much time /played.

And then we all started working, so one by one we left the game. I came back earlier this year but started a new main, so now I just see this druid as the patriarch of all my characters, set in his Wrath-Cata ways and hanging out in the background yelling, “Back in my day!” to my newer toons.

(Lüx) #55

I always loved the troll berserkers from Warcraft 2 which was my first Blizzard game back in 1995. So once I was able to create my own troll who could throw things, I did just that, creating a troll rogue on November 23, 2004. I lasted three levels before rolling an undead mage.


My very very first character was a night elf warrior. I was so excited to play her after watching my boyfriend (at the time) play WoW for over a year. When I finally got the game in '05, I quickly went to make her because I thought being a warrior sounded awesome.

Then he yelled at me for not making a pocket healer for him to help him level, so I made a night elf priest. I PvP’d so much on her, and each week I was so excited to see if my rank went up. We broke up in '06 and he took my account (he was paying for it), so I lost that character that I loved and decided to take a few months off from the game. However, I’ve been stuck with priests ever since.


What a jerk!

(Stylo) #58

My very, very first character was a troll warrior on my friend’s account back in Vanilla. I ran around mystified by the huge world in front of me, did the starter orc/troll quests in Durotar, got wrecked in a duel by a troll priest (I didn’t expect them to have any offensive capabilities at all, let alone Smite hurting so bad), and died a million times. I had a grey gun drop off a mob, went allllllll the way to Thunder Bluff to learn guns, and then shot coyotes outside TB for the next hour or so.

My first character that was my own was a human paladin when I got my own account on my 19th birthday, a month after BC dropped. I leveled all the way to 17 making sure that all my skills, including unarmed, were maxed for my level each and every level (on the plus side, I included professions, so my first aid, fishing, cooking, herbalism, and alchemy were all fairly high). Queued for a WSG and got flattened, and got a Mark of Honor from the battle. I thought it was an item that marked me as a loser, and I was too embarrassed to ask and prove I was both a loser and a noob, so I deleted the mark, logged out, deleted the paladin, and rerolled a new troll warrior, who I still have today, although I haven’t played him since Cata.

(Kerguelia) #59

Very first character: draenei warrior. First thing I did: spend the holidays in the Exodar. Exodar is still one of my favorite cities for that reason. I didn’t know anything about factions, in fact one of the first things I ever said in regards to WoW is “uh…what’s this Alliance?”
I figured out the factions, so I made an orc warrior to try the other side. I liked the Horde. I stuck with it, but still play both sides.
Most of my early experiences involve getting lost, and/or rekt by high-level mobs and players. It was fun and I want that feeling back again.

(Fugubar) #60

Friend suggested Enhance because it had self heals. It’s been my main since then.