Your favorite vanilla dungeon?


not much compares to the zf stairs


I’m really surprised that Uldaman isn’t getting more love. Back in the day, it was one of the dungeons that had so many easily attainable quests, plus it had a ton of great loot, interesting design, fun bosses.


I’d have to say Wailing Caverns as it was my first dungeon and it totally blew my mind.

Other favourites were BRD (probably the best dungeon ever made)
UBRS/LBRS, great theme and vertical-ness
Sunken Temple, just traversing the place is epic, even outside
Gnomeregan, actually a cool dungeon when you realise that its about a dystopian post-nuclear zombie outbreak with robots
Razorfen Kraul, host of the best quest ever- Blueleaf Tubers


I like Deadmines and Gnomeregan. Anything to do with explosives really.


Blackrock Depths, it’s just so expansive and thematic. You can just stand outside Blackrock mountain and imagine that hundreds of feet below you through a mob infested mine is the entrance to this dwarven city. Once you’re inside it just keeps going down and down until you pass through this huge vaulted room into the Emperor’s throne room which feels like it’s dug into the heart of the earth it’s so deep below the mountain.

If you like Dwarves I think maybe only original Moria in Lotro comes close in pure aesthetics.


Scarlet monastery. The one I hated the most was the sunken temple I think is what it was called. It was in a swamp on an island id it was a circular dungeon with multiple levels.


Sunken Temple.


WC and Mara for me. I always enjoyed caves.


VC, DM(e/w/n), Strath, Scholo, SFK

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I didn’t play in Original vanilla so my impression of Sunken Temple and BRD are not fond. Just people trying to level up in Burning Crusade, nobody knew were anything was and it was awful.

Realiy loved Deadmines, SM, RFK, and ZF tho.

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I’m speaking from the perspective of someone who just has experience with all this stuff through leveling alts, but BRD. BRD is the only dungeon besides the ones that have been significantly altered like UBRS, ZG, Sunken Temple, Deadmines etc. that I’ve been wanting to do, only because the current pathing for leveling and questing in BRD is so abysmally terrible. One section of it just has you killing Incendius and Darkvire and that’s it.

I’ve seen people say that BRD takes 5-6 hours to run properly, and it’s something I’ve been morbidly fascinated with participating in just to see how an old dungeon is properly run.


i always liked how enemies placed in zul’farrak. And slaying trolls (even though i’m playing horde), and troll themed loot ofc.


It certainly could take that long if you had some issues and you did all the different areas.

BRD was a wakeup call for me as a noob. Before that I had simply kept trying dungeons until sooner or later I won through sheer outlevelling. My hunter had some quests for BRD, but I simply could not get a group. People insisted on “tanks” and “healers” :slight_smile:

Finally went there with a group consisting of myself, another hunter, a rogue, and two paladins. None of us had much gear. We completed a couple of the quests, then got stuck in the Lyceum. We died and ran back must have been 10 times, even cleared some repops at one point. The mobs simply respawned too fast for us.

Note, this was in April 2005, long before the 1.12 patch Classic is based off. I think the Lyceum has been nerfed since then. Also, not ashamed to say I was pretty bad at playing a hunter back then (still nowhere near a star). But it was packs of roaming non-elites, maybe a dozen per group, and they respawned FAST. Without a mage or lock for AoE, it was extremely difficult to knock a whole group down without bumping into the next one - AND I THINK they “ran away in fright” at low health. Hunter was possibly the worst class for that what with the deadzone. You would try to get some distance from a group and pull another group. Ah, memories.


Razorfen downs/kraul, BRD, ZF. The first time hitting razorfen downs and seeing how impressive the quillboar could be, purely amazing. BRD was super expansive, with a lot to see and discover thru multiple runs. ZF just bc the first time you get betrayed by the five f*(*ks at the top of the sacrifice pyramid.


ALL of them. Except Gnomer.





Those Gnomer trains were hilarious! I thought the alarm bots were a fun twist.


Absolutely Scholo. The night that three Ancient Bone Bows AND Alannas Embrace dropped in one run is one of my all-time favorite WoW memories. :slight_smile:


Yes it was!!! Ahh man!! :slight_smile:


It’s hard to go with anything else than BRD, but I do have a soft spot for OG ST.

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