Your characters home town

Where is your characters home town? Do you return there often to visit family/friends? Are you viewed as a inspiration to other kids in your home town to follow your dreams?


Stares in worgen


stares back in akward forsaken


Strahnbad, Alterac.

Though it wasn’t ravaged by the Scourge, the quiet Alteraci suburb doesn’t look much better. Alterac was thoroughly ravaged by human forces following the exposure of Perenolde collaboration with the Horde in the Second War. Benedikt at the time was serving as a squire and his parents were lucky enough to escape into Lordaeron. He’d never return to the town he spent his childhood in while he still breathed, and wouldn’t in undeath for many years. The people he cared for who lived there are either dead or gibbering ghouls nowadays.

But as his professional obligations took him more often to Hillsbrad during the Blood War he found himself idling in the decrepit ruins of his home town more and more. It’s a quiet enough place and the Syndicate criminals who squat there serve as a convenient source of food. But really he goes there because it reminds him of the last times he experienced uncomplicated happiness. His childhood was good. His parents were loving and while not wealthy were well off enough to spare him from hunger pains, cold nights or ragged clothing. If he could put a pin into the exact moment everything went downhill it’d be when he left the place to be a squire.

In a lot of ways it reminds him of why he even bothers in the first place. Azeroth will never be perfect. But it can be peaceful and pleasant, at least to a child, and at least for awhile.


Zhaoyang, the primary character portrayed on this Monk, is from Mandori; the town housing the temple on the Wandering Isle. Before leaving she was somewhat well known, partially for her career as a masseuse, though more for her lineage.

As of Legion she has returned to Mandori to help the Order of the Broken Temple; representing her family’s martial style, the Cloudpaw Wave, alongside her mother.

While she never became as locally influential as originally expected she was instrumental in uniting the colonial and mainland Cloudpaw lineages; having been the first of her family to leave the Isle in generations.


Momentarily renting a small room within the Old Town district of Stormwing, above the weaponsmith’s store.

Before I lived in Western Plaguelands as a courier between the Argent Crusade and local areas whilst resting at the High Elf’s lodge.

Due to the area that keeps imposing further danger from both remaining scourge and Forsaken I moved out to SW, only to have volunteered to join Umbric as I was exposed with a certain disease from one of the scourge that was draining me over time. Only in giving myself to the Void I was “cured” at some price…

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but he was raised by defias brotherhood members, (the worst parts of em that is)
so basically moonbrook, was not the healthiest way to grow up, but once he left it and went adventuring, he never feels more alive, as he wonders and does his own thing.
he still finds it hard to settle down to this day, since he is afraid he’d have to give up such things as adventuring and exploring places or getting into weird things, like parties or fights that he normally does sometimes as a way to make coin.

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As of the most recent write up of this character, Astrea originally hails from Winterspring; particularly near Starfall. Her House, Evermoon, held considerable influence there before and during the Kaldorei Empire, with various holdings and their own set of vassals.

Until the last decade or so she had assumed there was little reason to return to that region of Kalimdor; believing much of what she had there destroyed entirely or otherwise ruined by time. It wasn’t until the last few years that she learned of the survival of a family lodge, occupied by her older sister; a Priestess serving the Sentinel Army.

Despite this she currently remains among the ruins of Isildien, primarily due to the difficulty of moving all her things safely; most of which are either some manner of delicate and magically sensitive tool or ancient furniture and literature.

For a time she occupied the place more often than before, whilst aiding her sister’s cadre. That time, though recent, has passed however.

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Considering that it’s pretty much destroyed now, Mazhar doesn’t return to visit family nor his friends. Instead as an Errant Knight, he returned to his homeland to wage war against the Forsaken after leaving the military of the Alliance because he was dissatisfied with the result of the Fourth War.

He’s known to be around his hometown of Southshore, but he is mostly trying to gather the faithful to continue his “Crusade” to exterminate the Forsaken by any means necessary.


Dawnstar Village on the Isle of Quel’Dana. Invaded by the undead, ravaged by the Burning Legion, looted by the Wretched. While the Shattered Sun Offensive has kept some level of order to the area, it’s nothing like it was before.

So many visitors, food, and entertainment. As I remember the people that were born and lived there in Dawnstar Village, they never had much reason to leave and not come back.

To say that I miss it would be a understatement. I find myself going to the place my house uses to be and drawing a line in the dirt among all the ruins where my bed uses to be.

I like to lay there and think back on times in Silvermoon as a child and how my mother was the epitome of elegance and grace. How she walked, how she talked, and how she sat, and I just let herself get lost in thought, entertained by the idea of what my life could have been like if Arthas never attacked my home that day. I might be moving with the same grace she did, I might have even mastered the ways of the Arcane as a mage or been a Priest of the Light. It is a far-off thought, but it keeps me entertained none the less, and picturing how proud my mother was and how amazing my heritage was. The music, the dances, the food, the wildlife, and parties. I was a child the whole time, but I did watch from afar, entranced by the level of grace and elegance my people once were. That pride of once better times had kept me going throughout the years and I imagine that it’s like that too for my people as well.

Revantusk Village, Hinterlands.

Seeing as he now serves with a group in the Barrens (and my guild and I tend to view nonmagical travel as slow, and magical travel as not as readily available as it is to the Champions of Azeroth), he doesn’t really go back home very often.

The closest he does is go to Stonetalon mountain to pal around with the few Revantusk soldiers that are up there with the remnants of the Krom’gar army. Even if he is presented the option to return, he may feel like he shouldn’t. He’s become a very different troll since he first set out as a wide eyed child wanting to serve the Horde that had 'saved’his people and he worries what his friends and family will think of him when he returns a grizzled, wounded and scarred pile of meat that seems more an undead warrior than the wannabe druid who left.


Undermine, Kezan.

Calixa has a lot of mixed feelings about Undermine, so probably wouldn’t return much even if she could. She was off island during the cataclysm and since the fate of Undermine isn’t determined canonically, she considers all friends and family still living there when Mount Kajaro exploded to be deceased. She mourned them then moved on with her life.

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What is called Zin-Azshari in BFA (not sure if my lore is matched up correctly) but Adahlis and her little sister lived under Azsharas rule with Adahlis as a handmaiden to the Queen but was able to escape before the city went under. I like to imagine that there is a building on the outskirts of the zone, that if you visit it, you can find rooms that have possessions laying around. etc like a family photograph with a shattered/missing glass frame, a statue of their parents that she made as a child, a dress in tattered, stuck inside an old closet that managed to stuck shut and not let any of the clothes out.

She actually wandered back into the building in tears as she remembered what happened and went through everything. Now all the items sit in her room in an Inn that another toon of mine owns. Her sister visits every now and then, going through the memories when Adahlis gets overwhelmed by it.


Willing to bet a good 80% of the OC’s home towns are either hanging on by a thread or outright destroyed.

That said, my girl here was born in the Northshire area and lived there until a certain cult sent more discreet recruiters for their Old God patron and managed to corrupt her parents… might have relocated somewhere else at a young age, might have not. You’d have to find out.


Diiari was technically not born in Shattrath (She was born on the Genedar) but she grew up in the city.

She has visited modern Shattrath once, when she went on a journey with some friends to the Blasted Lands and through the Dark Portal. She has also visited alternate Shattrath on her trek through Draenor.

She wasn’t that well known in Shattrath, mostly because of the large population.

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Auss’s home was by the Sunwell. Right at the front of it use to be ‘The Nova Garden’ - but it succumbed to being consumed to what would now be called the Dead Scar.

He lost his home during the great war with the scourge. The day he lost his beloved home - He was about to assist his great King Anasterian Sunstrider against Arthas; after ceaselessly battling the scourge along side his best friend Ranger General Sylvanas, then the blessed ranger of Akil’zon Halduron, another old friend of his - before returning to his home – Before laying eyes upon his beloved king.

He considered “We can cut the head of the beast. We can finally end this. Here, and now!” Before he ran out to help him a Magi grabbed his shoulder, advising him they needed him urgently to heal children that had brazenly escaped - but marked by the scourge; without his healing assistance they would befall the same fate as the befoul army who marched upon their sacred kingdoms. Auss bit his lip, said a prayer for his king - and went through the portal, he was able to heal the elven children before the accursed magical disease grew in power, and erased it swiftly. He took a breath of relief, he was among the youngest for his rank as a priest – He went to return to the portal to assist his king but heard a shriek from the Magi who took him there - Her portal had just closed - slicing an abomination’s arm clean off. He grasped over his mouth at the wretched smell of it - And the magi froze it in ice to cover it, clearly the sensation was shared.

Auss was filled with dread. If the abomination had reached his royal estate, what happened to their king!? - And before he could contemplate further thoughts; he and the other of his kin felt it. The sever. The beaming beautiful golden & sapphire light of the Sunwell ceased for a brief moment - They heard a roaring shriek through the skies, as if the heavens themselves had roared in pain, and then a light beamed up again - Auss was filled with a sliver of hope moments before it turned to horror. It was sickly looking necrotic light. The Sunwell, was no more - And he knew, his home was lost with it.


Emberscald was born Elden Naris, of the town of Strahnbrad, 36 years before the First War, when it was part of the Kingdom of Alterac. After leaving the town for his training as a mage he later returned to visit and finally settled down in a house outside of the town proper to continue his research.
He died in an unrelated accident shortly after the Scourge arrive in the area. Somehow his remains were overlooked by the scourge and he was only recently brought to unlife in Deathknell. In his time as one of the Forsaken, Emberscald has not had a chance to return to his home and visit. The thought does not bother him much, there so many things to do first.


Adahlis’s parents are in a better place now. Maybe reincarnated as seashells near the shoreline.


If I were to RP, i would create a Lordaeron native of Hearthglen.

Chala’s home was originally the area of Ashenvale, but that got lost during the Third War with the Warsong Clan, then Hyjal (but that was lost when the Legion attacked) and she would be in Teldrassil (then you had the War of the Thorns).
Her current home is Boralus Harbor (until the Night Elves have a new home)

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