You would think Horde bias would have got Orgrimmar a texture update

Holy mackrel! So I just got a new mega rig that can handle WoW in HDR and Ultra, then seeing Orgrimmar with those settings look extremely dated. I hope they update some textures in the dragon expansion! Didn’t Stormwind get one a long time ago?

Alliance players have a hidden passive. Complain enough and things will happen.

So, if enough Alliance players complain about Org, then it will get an update. Unfortunately it will mean Org is getting turned into a raid again.


Especially with all the Hellscream logos on the beams.

I wonder if they did a make-over for Org/Stormwind if the update would feature inspiration from all the refugees and allied races that have taken up the capital cities as their new home.

Would like to see fox tent city and a fancy Nightborne mage tower in Orgrimmar, personally. Or a giant Highmountain totem building that is a hotel for all the refugees.


That’s an awesome idea actually… Kinda like what they did with the Goblins in Cataclysm.

Happens on both sides. Remember how we were farmed by Alliance-players in WM during SL? Yeah, they changed it to our favor.

“But they only listen to the Alliance”


The Stormwind Clock doesn’t even move! Horde bias confirmed!

One of those 6 slot toasters eh? Lucky.

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Have you seen the price of toasters lately! :wink:

That was BfA as well. And while they were farming Horde players, complaining about “Horde mode” they were also getting more benefits to Warmode, while camping flight paths, because noble Alliance and what ever.