"You think you do but you don't" and we'll make sure of it


Mmm, no my original statement still stands. Correction denied.

Some people will complain about anything, but that isn’t what we’re talking about.


And did they learn nothing from the fiasco of Fallout 76? 4x the size and 16x the detail. What ever happened to internal testing? Why do we have queues and 60 gig launch day patches? It’s called do your homework.

There must be a warehouse of coders and debuggers for all these modern AAA games that know it won’t work, but are told to release it anyway.

It’s like buying a car from Carvana and it gets delivered with no wheels…smh

Server overpopulation is a huge problem. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.


Then you blatantly ignored the posts saying that populations were going to be much higher. GG

Blizzard isn’t running a MOBA, but an MMORPG.

And if you had maybe asked anyone, people could have told you that Alliance have been outnumbered by Horde in PvP for a decade now, despite literal bribes to try and get them to turn PvP on.

FYI, according to Pew Research, Millennials are those born between 1981-1996. Which would have been a substantial portion of the playerbase back in Vanilla.


No, realm size is a solution. Blizzard is more concerned about dealing with dead realms later. Too many realms would be the fastest route to that

Bloat the realms and deal with wPvP drama. Or, deal with combined realms.

They choose to punt to the later date.


Actually, Millennial generally refers to anyone born after around 1980 - in the context I’m using it it’s a loose term, much like “Boomer”. But you missed the point anyway. The time frame isn’t what’s important, it’s the attitude that comes with it i.e. that everything I don’t like is someone else’s fault, needs to be blamed on someone, and is a point of outrage. I blame participation trophies.

Granted it was a bit more subtle than that.


You do know that it wasn’t kids who wanted participation trophies, right? That’s the fault of the parents, who wanted validation for the money they spent on little Jimmy’s soccer club.


Ah yes, the Millennial cry - it’s all our parents’ fault. I hope the irony of that isn’t lost on you.


I mean, since it literally was our parents’ fault, I’m not seeing anything wrong with the statement. Saying the sky is blue doesn’t have deep philosophical implications. It is a statement of fact.


Every person who walks the earth, every single generation there has ever been, has had to overcome big and small things in order to move forward. You have neither fought in wars as a teenager, suffered through a devastating economic depression, survived a worldwide pandemic, or any of an endless stream of woes that have been forced upon those who came before. Yet your generation complains and cries and casts blame more than any other, when you have the least to really complain about. Why is that do you think?

You are responsible for how you deal with what life brings to you. No-one else is responsible for your reactions. Growing up and becoming an adult means taking responsibility for your own life, and no longer blaming others for the state of it. That is what children do.

Let me ask you something - what if everything is your parents’ fault? I mean, that’s an absurd assertion, but let’s say it’s true. How does blaming them fix any of the problems you may be facing? It might feel good to do it temporarily, but how does it actually help you?


Well, I’ll break it down a little. We usually use those arguments against people who wonder why we haven’t gone to college, gotten a degree and a high-paying job with benefits and job security, bought a house, and have 2.5 kids. The answer, predictably, is that the generations before us fragged things up royally (see multiple economic crashes, among other wonderful things).

We also use the argument against them when they complain that we want to try something other than the same old drek they’ve been doing for the last fifty years. We tell them that their ideas of ‘trickle-down’ economics don’t work, and have never worked, and we don’t want any part of it. We tell them that, hey, there are other countries who do things a helluvalot better than we do, why not take some inspiration and copy them, instead of blindly saying how 'murica is #1, even when the only thing we’re still number 1 in is the number of people incarcerated per capita, and the number of annual school shootings.

We say it because it serves as the springboard for the change we want to make. The old idiots caused this mess, why would we trust them to get us out of it? We’ll do our own thing instead.


Boomer confirmed


Straw man argument. We’re talking about faction balance. Not PvP vs PvE.


And another!


In an abstract way it is, players chose where to make there characters. However, there really isn’t any information available when making your character as to what the faction balance of a server is.

That’s not to say that providing that information would be helpful, once a server started getting imbalanced, it’s unlikely players would explicitly correct it (nobody wants to play for the losing side).

It’s definitely one of the results of the classic model of realms, vs the fluid realms on live with sharding between servers.

I don’t know how you fix it, outside of assigning players their server after they select their faction to ensure balance, which, not to go all #nochanges, would be a change and a pretty big one.


Are you sure most servers have that kind of population now ? I thought when they were able to remove the layers that meant the population was where it should be.


That’s the problem it always comes back to. Any fixes people suggest fall into one of two categories: persuade people to play the losing side, or punish people for picking the faction they wanted. All for something that is only an issue for a minority of players on one type of server.

The simple truth is that faction balance is only an issue on PvP servers. Blizzard solved this problem in retail by eventually just scrapping PvP servers altogether, and creating War Mode. But they literally have to bribe the Alliance to turn War Mode on, and even then, they don’t join up in enough numbers to balance against the Horde.


Don’t pay attention to Ravid, he quit two months ago, or so he claimed.


Don’t you know that protecting one’s career is more important than company reputation, profit for shareholders, or keeping customers happy? We have evidence here that the hierarchy from Activision on down to the front desk is inoperable.


you CANT fix player choice.


When I read comments like yours … I mean, the people posting in defense of obvious garbage … it makes me think there is some horrible underworld where people are enslaved, and their whole job (to avoid the beatings) is to refute or derail anything that casts shade on Blizzard or Activision. Blink twice if they make you do unspeakable things to eat more than the roaches or see sunlight.