"You think you do but you don't" and we'll make sure of it


Does not work when said people have no interest in retail, even with an expansion, and Blizzard already knows this.


“Get more people if you’re getting 10vs2” is very mute if there are only the two people brave enough to come to EPL because they know there are 40+ horde out there willing to help out if the 2 alliance can’t be dealt with. No alliance wants to go out to help because just the number to even match them would be quickly trumped by the amount of people the horde could bring out in Kromcrush. Believe me, I’m in on of the biggest guilds and we’ve pushed back with numbers to have triple the horde just come back out of the wood work.

I was on a horde dominant pvp server in vanilla as ally. I enjoyed the random 1vs2 or even 3 and even if you did lose they moved on. Now even if one horde leaves, the server is so big that there is more just around the corner.

Think of the inflation problem like this. If on a normal 2500 server cap you have a 3vs4. You only have to make up the difference for one, not unreasonable. Now on 4x bigger servers not even taking into account no ally will leave town because they don’t want to get camped and everyone was out in the world a fight would not be a 12vs16. Those 4 people now do make a huge difference in a fight. Then that happens enough times, ally just stay in town and don’t try.

All cards on the table, I would reroll to either horde or PvE if before phase 2 I didn’t get my pally to 60 and literally have 5 other toons above level 40 and all on the same server.

Again, I welcomed the imbalanced PvP but NO ONE truly knew that a slight server imbalance was going to mean horde camping even low level GYs and 10vs2’ing everywhere because ally won’t even go out with so many horde. When every 10 steps you run into another horde in STV waiting to gank you where that would be a lot less prevalent with a server being 4x smaller and that’s what we knew before blizz did the update where they said they increased server size to help ques.

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You only have 31 posts. You’re obviously a private server shill.


Nice buzz words. You can play the game solo, but you only really get to do pet battles and lfr.

Dungeons and raids are better than they typically have been and still require groups.

Tier sets are gone for a reason.

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LOL no. The game sucks on toast as empty servers easily demonstrate.

Tier sets are gone for a reason – the devs are too lazy to design class specific gear so they copped out and made everything “random.”




(trust us, we didn’t plan to screw the game for you from the start)


or just move to a server that is “dead” but not really because it still has more than originally vanilla servers and live a happy life.


classic cost them literally nothing. It’s not like they hired 300 people to make it.
They ported an old client to new server and UI code. multi platform games do this, the work was already finished by 2006. How that the game is out, how many bug fixes have you seen that weren’t directly related to layering?

Wow classic is abandonware because it doesn’t have a storefront, the best blizz can hope for is paid character transfers. Wow classic will only decline in popularity, hence they don’t give a crap. Keep in mind this is activision now… not the people who created vanilla.


A population imbalance is a player created issue. Amplified by decisions blizzard made about transfers early on that made many servers worse.


I think I wanted a vanilla population on my server and I had a reasonable expectation for that with “no changes” talk.

blizzard is like bethesda… no expectations.


How can it be a player created issue when server populations and faction balance are a closely guarded secret by blizzard?
In ANY OTHER PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER GAME that information is in the server description. People were happy enough to get onto a server without a queue in the beginning, how could they know about faction stats?
Server population and team balance is the main information you look at when joining a call of duty match for example.


Let me take a wild stab in the dark… OP is a Millennial.


Yeah I thought I wanted blizzard vanilla servers. I don’t.

Turns out I just wanted vanilla private 1.12 servers :man_shrugging:


Ok boomer.


You were here for launch right? Remember us saying we needed more servers 2 weeks before launch? Remember them launching new servers back to back after people had already secured their names on launch day because nobody could play?

Now imagine introducing honor without battlegrounds


Found another.


If Lizard had just released classic servers and left them alone, buggy and all, it wouldn’t be a problem, vanilla was buggy - no problem. But when the rats are constantly patching and changing things due to exploits or some other feature that people are really enjoying, but ignoring the other bugs because you think you do but you dont, it really reveals the depth of the rat turds we are dealing with.


Lucky you, they tell from the start the server population will be increase. It’s like… you chose to play regardless.


And see when I first played WoW during Legion, I had no concept how MMOs work. I figured like most games with expansions, you could play within a contained expansion. Servers were set up purposely per expansion, and all were patched equally.

And because I didn’t understand the 9,000 servers available, I figured maybe they were each unique in terms of what content was offered.

The fact that they not only waited 13 years to address the pirate servers, but not even address the issue that perhaps some people don’t want to graduate into the next expansion each launch is just plain arrogance.

They thought that 100 Vanilla players would show up to BC and enjoy each and every expansion after QoL improvements (assuming they are, and ignoring the obvious subjective nature of enjoyment).

They thought the player base would exponentially increase, but it didn’t.

Guess what Blizz? You either open up legacy servers or you suffer piracy. I never understood the asinine reason that running two or more MMOs was not profitable, yet here you are. Hell, if anything open up servers for each expansion…if interest wanes on like the BFA experience then leave just one server up.

You have billions of dollars. Unless someone can show me that running a few legacy servers does not turn a profit, I stand resolute that they could have avoided this mess 15 years ago.

And if anything, I hypothesize you could have maintained most of the subs lost due to unwanted changes. And…if you didn’t want to run xyz server cause of poor profit…lease them out with an official seal of trust to third party groups or volunteers. Give them GM status and let them run the day to day like PSers were.

You can still run your conventions and promote the new expansions.


The only real issue with classic is the population imbalance. If they can somehow fix these 80/20 realms and reduce to around 60/40, this game will be perfect.