You just ruined dragon flying

this is negative feedback about the recent change that made dragonflying feel sluggish and unresponsive.
please revert the change.


Isn’t there an alpha testing forums for players in the alpha to provide that feedback?

In fact, they already have a specific thread on the topic:


They are definitely gonna start implementing more slowdowns on Alpha as they get the lower rungs of dragon riding done. They’ll make it an abysmal pace to get anywhere near what felt good. It was good and fun, so now punishment must be added.


I don’t have alpha, what was the change exactly?

They decided to add weight to the mount making it harder to turn and go upwards. Making the feel of it completely different.


you may have gotten to test the final result and now you get to test the various stages of it.

Exactly. So I’m thinking the earliest dragon riding will be slow and miserable, until you build it up over 6-9 months or whenever it pleases them that you’ve struggled enough.


So basically just like everything else they release.



Typical Blizzard fashion, fun detected, fun removed.

Serious note though - this is why I haven’t pre-ordered. Watching Youtubers rant about how bad this change was was great information. If I buy the expansion or not depends on all this feedback coming out.


Ground mount

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Oh no! They made flying more realistic and dynamic! How dare they!

That is pretty much what I expected when they first explained the system in the announcement. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised.


It’s not realistic to have your mount react a half a second after moving it.


Not surprised at all. They are the ones that changed Torghast through Alpha into something no one liked. It’s pretty much why the fun detected meme exists.


Do people not understand that dragon riding isn’t flying it’s more of a glide than say fly.

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It’s a little more than gliding on alpha.

Than is it a hybrid of both fly and glide?

Yeah, and they just decided to de-sync movement and control. So it feels like you are lagging.

So glad I didn’t pre order and won’t. It’s looking more and more like I can skip this next expac.

Semper Fi! :us: :ukraine:


On one hand I am afraid it’s going to be Torghast 2.0 where it was super fun when it came out and they made it sure it sucked before full release.

On the other hand having more weight behind it doesn’t seem that bad to me, I mean, it’s a dragon that is flying, it makes sense it couldn’t just do a noclip 180 degrees turn.