You /emote the person above


/moo me, /wine me, and /dine me. plz bb

(Tiridan) #2




Ow dat hurt bb


(Tiridan) #4

The OwO must be stopped.


/invites the unsuspecting Moose Tauren into a bathtub, a free bathing service free of charge, gives him free beers too and slowly raise the temperature of the bath water. He falls asleep while taking a bath and I add more ingredients and make a moose cow soup for the entire village.
/invite all my gnome friends to enjoy the soup


/begs Astreon to undo his changes. I read it, and it was great. Please make some soup out of me, bb.



dang…O.K. here we go…


/spit on all male human pala

It’s the only emote I use (and have macro to every ability)

(Scruit) #9

/equip fruit hat
/sexy dance


/Astreon becomes the leader of the alliance
/he builds a wall along the border of the silvermoon city, allowing none to escape, also makes the blood elves pay for the wall.

(Gnomest) #11


Truthfully if you were to see my character in lore with the backstory I have right now, you might initially think I am a demon. Our initial interaction would be that of cautious questioning.


/hug hug /hug to the coolest gnome ingame .

(Scruit) #13

… I’m a little jealous :stuck_out_tongue:


/strokes the majestic gnome’s crown. It’s so smooth… and shiny… and the beard! The beard!!! GNOMES ARE TOO CUTE!!!

(Sariä) #15

/moo @Mooatmeplzbb
/campfire What a girl has to eat and you are looking might juicy friend /throws bbq sauce on you


/defrosts Sariä with my campfire-warmed body. You DKs need to chill out, you know! Enjoy the warmth of a living being. Mooooooooooo. … … … Oops, we’re both saucy now. :wink:


/runs out of thread :no_mouth:


/grabs the silly void elf by his little moustache. Surprisingly, it doesn’t rip off. You’re not going anywhere, pretty boy. Muhahahahahahahaha.

(Thorland) #19


/rubs broad chest
/prepares to disengage should this turn out badly


/offers you a bible
/strokes your beard