You didn't die because of Spy, you died because

You died because you’re a bottom tier PvPer, you thought you could win exclusively because of the amount of advantages your class carries, and you paid for it.

Let’s try to be nice and foster healthy conversations, and not try to start petty cat fights alright?


I have this innate ability as a rogue to detect salt levels in others. There is quite a delicious amount of salt between the lines of this thread and it’s creator.

I sniff out someone who has been repeatedly outclassed by a rogue recently and is posting on the rogue forums as a way of getting back at us because you were powerless in game.

What’s this…? Do I smell a hint of class envy? Maybe you tried rogue and failed at it? Oooh the scent is enticing…


Please post on your main so ik who to corpse camp :wink:


If i wanna sneak, ima sneak and somebody who is too afraid to talk **** on their main can’t tell me otherwise.


If you are so much better than everyone, then do it without an addon to hold your hand for you.


I originally thought Mcdonnalds fries had the most salt but I was wrong.


Really, so please explain how when I peered over the hill and seen a pack of Horde coming and ran under the bridge to hide but SPY told them I was in the area?

How is it when I counter play perfectly, I am seen when not visible?

Your comment lacks the ability to reason!


I love their fries sometimes. I am a little more biased towards Rally’s, however.

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Spy only tells you that they are within targetable range. It doesn’t even begin to pinpoint their location or even timing. So Spy isn’t really all that advantageous.

It depends because for scouting purposes it helps you pinpoint how many are in the area. Spy has always operated between that grey area and has been controversial for a while.

Personally I don’t care as it doesn’t impact how I play because I stay in stealth as much as possible or stealth up from very large distances

Because back in the day stealth was slower and more valuable as vanish was a longer cool down. I guess that makes me old since I remember those days lol.

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