You can thank the rogue, Riboflavin

If you were ganked by me at the Altar of Shadows.

I never attack first, but if you attack me, especially while it is clear I’m ignoring you and letting you do questing in peace, I will definitely fight back until I either kill you, at which point I will camp you, or you leave the area and I can’t find you.

That said, a rogue killed me while I was not in control of my character during the Gorefiend quest and the run back is atrocious.
I’m sure he was very amused, but it struck me as particularly scummy and put me in a foul mood.
Since I could not find him, I made myself feel better by doing the same to alliance players trying to do that quest and felt no remorse at all.
Not something I would normally do.
I’m not saying it is right either, but now you know why you can thank your fellow player for being a scumbag and causing your death.


Did they fix pvp ques

Remember phase 2?

We do.

Thank you for the grief fuel.

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