You already have the maximum amount of characters on this account

Yeah dude the devs specifically wanted Siren for themselves lmao.

Every single time there’s been an opportunity to reserve names Blizzard has f**ked it up.


Whelp, guess I’m staying on Herod…



Someone wake Omar up. Not nap time yet.

I went back and deleted one of my three names to get a name that was highly gonna be sought after on Incendius and managed to snag it. So yea, people are deleting names to get new ones are just using their unused reserved slots.

This says what exactly?

Still locked at 3, 15m late. I migrated my 3 over to westfall, at least. Limit may have stopped them from getting swiped, at least. :slight_smile:

I got one of the names I wanted but lost another in the time it took me to leave Incendius and delete one of my other characters.

I guess it was a mistake to expect Blizzard to get things up and running the way they said they would.

You do know that they don’t just flip a switch right?..Right?

lol I knew it was going to happen, but Im seriously LOLing at people being all outraged and acting like this wasnt completely predictable.

Cant wait to see you guys crying about sitting in a queue like we havent known that was coming for over a month.

“Tiny indie company cant launch game waaaaaah”

God I love gamers.

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Are you daft? The time is auto generated on that post based on your time zone. So at 1pm EDT the name restriction is removed and the 4 new servers are up. I wonder how most of you function.


I read that to mean two hours before they open the servers to play, they will unlock them for character creation.

Since I decided to have a backup realm I had been waiting. So I dropped the one name I decided I cared about the least. Then grabbed the one name I really wanted… then again does it really matter? At launch time something else is going to go wrong… denial of service attack… ice cream truck takes out my cable… logins go down etc

Eventually I will get to login to a line and then a new server will open and it will say… you have the maximum number of characters…

After WoW Classic is live, you’ll be able to create up to 10 characters

Depends what timezone you’re on. They said 5 hours before launch time. Which was 17 mins ago. :frowning:

“lmao you should’ve expected Blizzard to not remove the character limit at the time that they advertised they would. you idiots.”

wowee this thread.

I got 3 I wanted, but I’ve got a biog list of more to make… That I prolly won’t get :frowning:

and also before then you will be able to according to blizzard

Who is crying here? You? No one else is. Maybe it’s a family member?

You read that wrong, then. It’s 5 hours before the servers are opened to be played on.