You’re telling me

Well, they never have before. You can’t even get early fast speed in retail and never have been able to. The closest thing to it is the Chauffer mount, which allows you to ride at slow speeds right away.

You don’t buy that for money though. I suppose you could argue you can buy gold and then buy heirlooms to get the achievement to get the mount though.

Oh don’t worry you know he is going to.

well it gives you a free mount saving you 9G!


Uhh… you can (and people do) literally pay 60$ PER character to be boosted with lvld gear, along with EVERY riding skill except master I believe. So yeah… It wouldn’t be crazy to assume they’re try to get away with it for AT LEAST one boosted character here lol

it scales with trained riding skill on the ptr

Not a shill, just a fan of the truth and taking time to do some research for yourself before posting garbage troll posts.

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You talkin retail right? This can be achieved in literally a day in retail LOL. That game is an arcade man

Boosted characters are already at the level you can get those speeds though. You’ve never been able to ride at 100% speed at a level where you can’t buy the training for that speed. The only way to ride at a high speed before you’re the correct level is to ride as a passenger in a higher level players multi-seat mount.

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Not only does the boost not give you any real advantage in retail, it isn’t even worth it. In retail now you can level in any expansion you want, so there’s no desire to skip expansions you don’t enjoy when you can instead just…not level in them

On top of that, leveling is extremely fast, to the point that even playing casually you can reach 50 in less than a week of real time, and you’ll have more gold even after purchasing all the relevant riding skills than the boost itself gives you.

So basically you spend $60 to save like 5 days of real time to wind up in a slightly worse position than you’d be in if you’d just leveled normally

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Agreed. I can understand providing it then, when there were A LOT of levels, ever since the squish…boost is totally not worth it.

Can’t wait to get my warp-stalker mount! That thing looks awesome :two_hearts:

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Let’s review the points you dodged.

  1. You said it’s 1,000 gold. No it’s 100 gold you save.
  2. You said it gave you fast riding. No it scales with your training, that you still have to pay for.

But, you seem to be one of those I’m never wrong people that ignore facts that point out when they are wrong.

So you are calling a 100 gold saving, pay to win.

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Everyone wants to cry about blizz but streamers are the worst thing to happen to WoW Classic and video games in general.

Idk if you’ve played a video game before, but collectors edition bundles are not a new concept.



This is my favorite part

This clown in back to back sentences cries that he cant buy JUST the mount, then says the mount is P2W. You cant make this crap up lol.

The mount isn’t pay to win lmao.

And yeah it sucks we have no option to simply buy the $15 mount/toy/hearthstone effect and have to take an upsold $40 boost and $15 game time month alongside it. We are gonna get the game time month already, it doesn’t make it a better deal by putting it in.

Your IQ is low.

Sorry your take sucked

Try again kiddo