You’re telling me

He’s trying to win “troll of the day” but it’s not working.


getting to the dungeon entrance marginally faster than someone who…I guess just deleted all their gold and so can’t afford a mount when the time comes? :woman_shrugging:

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While it’s not pay to win, I don’t see a problem letting people buy the mount separately.

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It’s pay to win because if nothing else, the mount let’s you travel at 100% movement speed regardless of your riding training from levels 30-60 (at least according to what I’ve seen on the PTR)

A blue posted specifically about this and said that it was not true. It scales with your riding training.


how many times do you have to be told it scales with your riding level? you still have to train the appropriate riding skill yourself. if it’s actually working how you say in the PTR that’s one thing, but we even have a blue post clarifying it

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Oh? Well then that would be an answer to my question then.

Let’s just hope it’s true :roll_eyes:

Wow, now that you have found out that you were completely misinformed, don’t you feel just a little bit silly now? :joy:


There are big name streamers who reinforced the misinformation and spread it so it’s not surprising people still believe it. You’d have to keep track of blue posts or stumble across a random post to know that it was false.

It originally came from bad data-mining I believe.


It wasn’t even bad data mining, someone just found it on wow head and noticed that the speed was set to 100. But on the very same page there was a checkbox for different riding skills, so it really doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that the speed of the mount simply changes with skill lol

the mount scales with your riding training lmaoooooooooooooooo

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Interesting, people took that pretty far since it was mentioned in multiple youtube videos lol. I do think it should have been obvious since it would be completely insane to have that large of an advantage and it would be completely unprecedented.

Unprecedented for mounts to change speed? The spectral tiger did just that back in TBC. It’s very easy to come to this conclusion

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No, unprecedented to have 100% speed at level 30/40. You can’t even get max speed early in retail.

I sorry I read “I don’t think it should have been obvious” my bad. Yes, exactly idk why people would even attempt to come to this conclusion lol

Oh right because we all know they’d never do such a dirtbag move for profits.

O wait…

Yes, yes we did lol. You can crap on blizzard all you want, none of their store mounts have been pay to win.

Well, they never have before. You can’t even get early fast speed in retail and never have been able to. The closest thing to it is the Chauffer mount, which allows you to ride at slow speeds right away.

You don’t buy that for money though. I suppose you could argue you can buy gold and then buy heirlooms to get the achievement to get the mount though.

Oh don’t worry you know he is going to.

well it gives you a free mount saving you 9G!