You’re out walking around Bastion with Nazgrim

Nazgrim scoffs
Nazgrim: This place…these people…a lifetime ago I would have given anything to stand among them. Now, after seeing them…after what I’ve been through…
Nazgrim shakes his head, staring off into the sky
Nazgrim: Loyalty. Bah. Too many innocent lives were taken in orgrimmar for the sake of loyalty. A mistake I will never…
Nazgrim trails off, staring at a passing Kyrian
Nazgrim: It cannot be…
Nazgrim: TAYLOR!
the kyrian stops and turns, confused. A blank smile on his face
Veronius: Can I help you, friend?
Nazgrim snarls
Nazgrim: Taylor…do you not recognize the face of your rival? We faced each other many times in life. You were…a worthy opponent.
Veronius looks puzzled. Recognition seems to claw at him. He shakes his head.
Veronius: I…do not know your face, maw-walker. I am sorry.
Nazgrim stares after him, then heaves a deep sigh
Nazgrim: The more I see of these lands, the more I appreciate being raised. I hope to never meet his fate.
Nazgrim looks back at Veronius in the distance
Nazgrim: [orcish] No’ku kil zil’nok ha tar…

Nazgrim turns to you
Nazgrim: Come, champion. Bolvar has need of us.

(Also yes I know that that quote translates to “Blood and Thunder, my son” but I can’t quite find a translator to save my life.)


If that’s in game, that’d be pretty awesome.

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Thank you! I wish it was - I just wrote that myself.:joy::slight_smile:

It was very well written. I wouldn’t mind seeing Taylor and Nazgrim getting to cross paths in the Shadowlands. I’m not sure that Bastion is where Taylor would’ve ended up though. I don’t think any of the four current afterlives really resonate with him all that well.

Me neither - but I put him in Bastion because of his unwavering service. He even held on a bit after he died in the WoD campaign to serve the alliance. There was absolutely a lot more to him than that, but until we get more realms we’re kinda limited.

True, though I can already see the other side of the conversation.

Veronius is joined in flight by his soulbind, Sylvia.
Sylvia: Do you know that Maw-Walker, Veronius?
Veronius: No, not at all, though my heart goes out to him.
Sylvia: Why is that?
Veronius: The touch of the Maw is upon him. His very soul is scarred. Could you not sense it? He had been robbed of the capacity to feel so much. The warmth of love, the joy of laughter, never again shall he know these treasures.
Sylvia reaches out to squeeze Veronius’ hand, and smiles at him.
Sylvia: “Trust in the Path, Veronius. He is where he belongs, as are we.”
Veronius smiles and squeezes her hand in turn.
Veronius: “Yes, you’re right. I could never endure a fate like that. Thankfully he can.”
Veronius looks back at Nazgrim in the distance one last time before turning his eyes to the horizon.

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