Yo whos ready to slap Sylvanas?

For all she has done… today we finally get to face her after watching her use everyone for years…

She won’t die dude.
And probably she’ll get a redemption arc so it doesn’t matter if she used you or not.

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Sylvanas is awesome, I don’t know what you are talking about. The way she slapped Tyrande around and was nope can’t kill me.

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You know she’s won’t die right?

Where did I say kill?

Clears throat


If they would quit gutting Disc Priest, then sure. I’d love to do some raiding… If they would get rid of Spirit Shell and buff our damage and atonement healing… Then sure, I’d love to raid again… But, it doesn’t look good for us, so I just don’t care anymore

she wont die she will get some weird redemption arc and in the end she will become the new jailer to serve for her sins in 9.2 or something