Yo, where the Goblins at?

I can’t ever seem to find none o’yas so where are my brothers and sisters hanging at these days?


Eyyyy. Usually sit in Orgrimmar, lookin’ fine.

I ate them.

They were a little greasy. Also they taste distinctly of motor oil. Do not recommend.


Heyyyy, get outta here you oversized, overcooked hamburger. You just don’t know fine taste when ya… taste it.

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Nah, I think I’ll stick around.

I always see them going in and out of auction houses. And banks.

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Did you know that if you level a goblin of every available class to 120 you will become rich in real life? And also you permanently develop a new jersey accent?

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I mean, we have this one belf lately who ever since an incident some years ago says ‘Only Goblins Matter’ and calls himself the ‘Goblinslayer’

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Those of us of the entrepreneurological persuasion are doin’ what allayas should be doin’: out grindin’ Nazjatar an’ Mechagon. Money don’t make itself.

There is a goblin discord my friend has. I can get you a link if you’d like.


I hear rumors of this Goblin prophet who preaches the glories of wealth and speaks about rules of acquisition. Sounds like a swindler if you ask me…

I’m not surprised you’re looking everywhere and coming up a little short. Even though Goblins are always underfoot, they’re still easily overlooked.

Seriously though, hang out in the Valley of Honor. Any of the market events, especially the Gilded Market. It was founded by a goblin and several goblin run (but not goblin exclusive) businesses operate out of it: The Oyster Business, The Wonderporium, Frostbite Contingent, Gearpunk Dynamics, and of course, the wonderful Firebrand Enterprises!

And I’m sure I’m still missing some. Goblins are everywhere!

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Go to Goblinville.

Or like, Org,


Gadgetzan Gazette: Goblin Discord for art, lore, and character discussion, basically.

I’m bad at advertising things.

Actually that was pretty solid.

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Your penalty is death.

Yo! I’ve been tryin to rehabilitate these gilbins who clearly have lost their way fighting the naga with power of friendship. They need to remember what it means to be a goblin.

As long as it’s carried out shortly.

Busy trying to find transmog items that don’t make me look like a tiny green linebacker.


You’ll never be hard pressed to find Goblins at the Goblins Coliseum. Stop by if you’d like to talk about goblin stuff.