Yo, what's the best Paladin spec to run world pvp?


I was wondering what’s the best spec for solo invasion of capitals and duels. I was wondering how’s Holy doing these days, but I’m also akin to Retribution. Does Retribution has a good kit for survivability?

I ran some world pvp with a protection warrior and didn’t had much sucess because of the damage output being too low.

So I’m avoiding protection paladin for now. I’m also safe to say that this is my first paladin, so I’m completely lost. Thanks!


Once I saw an enemy player (Holy Paladin) invade my capital and kill lots of my comrades and I was wondering how’s this spec doing, besides Retribution which is the DPS spec of the pally kit.

I personally like ret for any form of pvp. Though if you want to be a live lord prot or holy are the way to go.

Think of it like this,

Prot- brawler that dishes out moderate damage and can take a beating.

Holy- deal good burst damge with cools and most will get bored and leave.

Ret- wheelchair mobility, amazing burst, decent heals. Squishy without bubble.


ret is one of the best dueling classes in the game, along with WW and a well played havoc DH (key word: well played, AKA one who doesnt press blade dance off CD, but uses it to evade important spells, for example)

for competitive pvp ret is pretty bad though, unfortunately.

if you want to play holy for pvp, and want to actually kill things, that will be highly dependent on your azerite traits, imo. hpal is also the best healer for arenas as well.


So far I’ve seen that if you pick the spec you find most fun and stick with it, your enjoyment of the game will surpass any alternative where you picked ‘optimal’ to succeed.

I’d focus more on the gear/traits/essence/corruption because that makes the biggest diff. Divine steed on Prot is a lot of fun and troll-ish if you practice and know when to use it. Damage will also be plentiful in the form of corruptions. I also gear much faster as Prot because i’ll get into more m+ groups/raids etc.

That being said Ret is a lot of fun when you connect and have your burst ready.

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Wpvp/bgs - Ret

Competitive - Holy (however ret works pretty well in RBGS if you can find games to play in)

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