Yo Kromcrush, let's play a game part three!

Previous thread here. Ask away!

Is it mankriks wife?

No it’s not mankrik’s wife

Is it mankrik

Sadly it is not Mankrik either

Is it in the barrens?

It is not in the barrens this time.

Is it in Kalimdor?

Is it in Eastern Kingdom?


It is in Kalimdor.

See above.

It is not a humanoid

Is it an item?

It is not an item either.

Is it ratchet?

It’s not in the barrens.

Is it you frigging off when I’m peacefully herbing and not parrying FUGGIN EVERYTHING?!!!

I’m sorry, I thought you were mining, and I wanted to take out the competition. Also strongholds are a great thing.

I have Death Grips, but at the end you just parried everything. 1 vs 1 warrior fights is so much RNG it’s insane.

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They also give +1% parry :wink:
Your name also triggered bad memories of phase 2. I lashed out.

Is it an NPC