Yo Kromcrush, let's play a game part four!

You can check the previous thread here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/yo-kromcrush-lets-play-a-game-part-three/475740/27

Ask away!

Is it you?

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Is it me? 10 chars

It is not me and it is not maddie.

Is it in Kalimdor?

Is it mankriks wife?

It is not in Kalimdor and it is not Mankrik’s wife.

Is it north of the Thandol Span?

It is not north of thandol span

Is it in the eastern kingdoms?

Yes it is in the eastern kingdoms.

is it south of the badlands.

Is it an NPC?

It is south of the badlands but not by much. It is not a NPC.

Is it a place?

It is something that is found in a specific place.

Is it in the Burning Steppes?

Technically no, but the specific place where to find the thing can be reached from the Burning Steppes.

Is it hourglass sand

It is not hourglass sand.