Yet Another Music Thread - With a Twist!

(Rudaba) #1

Post music that best fits another character, only this time, make it someone else’s character! Let’s get started!

This is for Jenovaa, and a pretty apt depiction of how I perceive her character!

Bubbly and chaotic, like a fever dream - even brief encounters leave someone bewildered.

I dedicate this second one to Zavvi Sparklebolt!

Yeah, it’s a pop song, but it fits - everyone wants to take Zavvi home because she’s so cute, and sometimes, she’s gotta put them in their place!

(Zavvi) #2

Not really my thing, but thanks anyways, lol!

I dunno if this one REALLY fits Rudy, but I feel like it fits Rudy’s perception of Rudy. :smile:

(Zavvi) #4

This song seems very Jen to me:

And this one’s for Herstal! I think we can all agree, it speaks for itself :grin: