Yes, remove the portal to ironforge

You literally just said it. It’s the title of this thread.

I remember back in vanilla when I was just a little kid, I’d pretend that the lava pools by the great forge were hot tubs and just sit in them. I miss being able to have fun doing dumb things like that.

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One can only hope that you are correct. Stormwind holds no interest for me. The people who founded and lived in that city are not my people. I was born and raised in Gnomeregan. When my home city was devastated by the Great irridation, our friends and allies the Bronzebeard dwarves took us in and made their home our home. To be denied the traditional access to our adopted home would be a travesty that has no logic.

Once again, I do hope that you are correct in what you say.


I certainly hope that the IF portal and Thunderbluff are put back.

“Anyone else need a port somewhere before I log?” - both my mages probably

As long as Bornakk understood correctly:

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OMG does this mean they are moving father christmas to SW?

I remember when Ironforge was the main Alliance city.

Always liked it more than Stormwind.


I go to IF when I need the AH.


I go to Ironforge for most of Auction and selling needs.

As well to AFK while i’m alt tabbed. I just like city more than others.

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In the same patch they add updated heirlooms. Now THAT is some great planning. They really do care about the player don’t they.

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ironforge was also a lot less laggy when you logged in

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We have tunnels to get us there. If you dont know about them, you dont need to know. :pick:


There was a portal to ironforge? I always used the tram.


Well I’ll see ya on the tram guys! I usually go to get that white hawkstrider every day, and every day it doesn’t drop. I go to IF then…wait…isn’t there still a portal in boralus to IF?

I wanted them gone. It was a good move on Blizzards part. IF is a useless city.

Not sure I know about this portal… Where is/was it?

not from stormwind, no

the op was talking about the BFA port to Ironforge.

Oh dear me, the tram, or flight point…to Ironforge…the hardships…of not having a portal there…lol

Yeah but you have 10 ways to get to Stormwind easily…so its not that hard…