Yes another one of these

I never played my mage after leveling it in Arcane. I’m thinking of retiring my healer and going dps so I can complain about the healers ;).

I just have a simple question…

Is this class easy to learn for a complete dps noob?

Depends on the spec, really.

Frost is straightforward, and reactive.
Arcane is like the only DPS spec that uses up mana still, and I find the spec a bit punishing if you faulter a lot in it.
Fire is neat too, but I don’t find it to be my play style at all.

As opposed to the forums, you may find your answer through a bit of research. Each spec plays different than the next as a Mage.

Arcane is all about lining up damage modifiers with multiple CDs for big burst windows. If you play Kyrian, the only viable covenant, mana isn’t an issue as long as you are doing your rotation correctly. It’s fun, but takes some time to learn how to weave CDs together efficiently to maximize burst uptime. You also get punished hard for messing up a burst window.

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I think frost is by far the easiest…

Once you get the hang of fire combustion and make it second nature pretty easy too especially cause they can handle movement much better.

Arcane for me is the hardest…. So much can go wrong and mess up lining up all your mini bursts etc… hard to recover from mechanics but enjoying it in pvp…. Not a fan of the kyrian playstyle tho- I like venths pvp :slight_smile: on it