Yep, that's right, you have to help with afflicted

It seems like a lot of people are unaware that healer dispels have cooldowns? Today I’m getting mages mad at me for having to help with afflicted. I can get one of the two, and then go back to healing you. You can get the other one.



Not a healer affix. Not your problem if they’re getting mad.


Had a healer complaining about my lower dps compared to the other two. Pointed out that i was burning runic to get rid of some/most of the ghosts and asked if she wanted to handle them all herself. Suddenly, my dps seemed fine!


Well we as healers still have to deal with the affix but can’t just say “i do lower hps now”, because group is dead then.

Anyways the affix is basically a complete failure. Is unfun, restricts class composition making it even harder for non meta specs, adds more pressure on healer, spawns in random locations requiring to spin your camera around while dogeing mechanics, HAS NO NAMEPLATES!, spawns in mobs or bosses making it impossible to target, spawns to often and also during heavy AOE damage events.

Just remove the affix. I as a healer refuse to play on weeks with this affix.


Afflicted should be out on party members and let the ghost hang out on your back.

If it isn’t removed only the person with the debuff gets their haste reduced.

Let self heals be able to one shot the ghost. Like impending victory or death strike.

This way they’re never out of range.


as a Feral i can solo the affix with the dispell + free-instant healing Regrowth

Nah this is a healer affix, otherwise they have nothing to do anyway

your poison cleansing totem will dispell both of them and be up for every other set. If you dispell the first immediately your cd is also back up for the 2nd one, or you can just heal the 2nd one. Sure it would be nice for people to help, but if your group isnt helping why would you sabotage yourself.

okay, but every other pack the totem will not be available, and if you have to dispel anything else (like say a tank debuff) you’re now healing both of them up. which is also fine, assuming nobody else is taking damage.

It’s a bad affix, please remove it from Mythic Plus.


they need to figure out a way to have every class able to deal with afflicted. its such a garbage design, going back to bring the class not the player.


Leveled a fresh mw this week. Got my key to 13 NL. Spriest starts the key with “Do you have a spell that gets both?” I joke, sheiluns. Proceeds to explain how they’re only going to get them if I ask… I’m not stopping mid combat to tell him to dispel, they’ll just go off and everyone will have to deal with that. It’s a bigger dps loss to have 0% haste during your cds than to use a global to dispel.

Don’t understand this mentality at all.


oh i didn’t know you’re a masochist :joy:

I can’t fathom being one of those people who see that something will affect the entire group negatively and just shrug it off as some other persons responsibility if they can talent into an ability that clears the affix in one global. I usually have good luck by making sure 3/5+ classes have an ability to deal with the affix, and they are all talented into it prior to starting the key or they get the boot.

When they said that you should have noped out of that group.

Hold up you can heal em with deathcoil? Did not know that

Obviously as a warrior, there’s literally no interaction I can have with afflicted - other party members have to shoulder the burden for me every single time. It’s a feels bad situation every time. I hate applying for keys, knowing my class brings none of the required utility and knowing group leaders can just off the bat use that to automatically discriminate against me. Don’t flipping dare tell me to “herpa derp run your own key”. I’m only in it to target specific dungeons at a time.

This isn’t even a fun affix to deal with when I’m on my mistweaver. Dealing with melee mechanics as a healer and the stupid ghost, which too often spawns so far off screen it gets us anyway, is an absolute hell. And people wonder why healers don’t want to queue up. Gee whiz, why is game not fun?

Worst of all is one scenario that is just forever planted into my memories as one of the dumbest and most negative experiences I’ve had in my M+ career. I join a 21 VP. Party is guardian, MW, me, hunter, evoker. We’re about to start and have a pre-talk about who’s gonna help with affli. Guardian flat out refuses to spec decurse (I actually don’t know if they can decurse while shifted). I said, “Then that leaves only the dragon who can help out”. Dragon goes radio silent, we sit around for a few more minutes, then the MW goes “@#$% it” and disbands the group. What a stupid waste of time. Like, we’re all 2700+ and we’re still running into this issue. Are you freaking kidding me? Who honestly thought this is a good affix at all? There’s so much damn toxicity that comes with it by existing. This and incorp have to go. Seriously. I loathe them so much. Thanks for ruining the fun of M+, whoever thought of these.


Resto shamans are already global capped. It’s important to try as a dps to help in anyway you can.

I’ve actually been having a hell of a time. I don’t have goals for MW, but it’s like disc without the atonements. It feels way too powerful in the keys I’ve been doing, but that 13 was Def a step higher than I needed to be in. I’ll be lucky to get portals on all 6 “mains” this season, but I’ve not really been sweating it until the better affixes come around.

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oh for sure. MW is my favorite healer. it’s just an adventure pugging with it sometimes. in solid groups it feels amazing!