Years of Farming, Feels Bad When It Drops

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I’d like to see a citation to support that, then, as this is contrary to everything that has been said about the matter for years. World boss mount drops, e.g Sha of Anger & Galleon were rollable, but raid bosses that drop mounts were not.

(Voidarcane) #97

Its perfect for Death Knights. (I hate the legion class mount because the colors change depending on spec :frowning:)

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Every sources I know deny that.

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Well can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people in raids say don’t forget to use your re-roll on X boss for chance at mount. And the two instances I’ve seen someone get the mount on a bonus roll (because its shown in chat).

However that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a bug that made it so a re-roll could have a mount drop which is possible non the less if you are correct. (Because Blizz breaks things alot)

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My attitude on rare drops is “it is what it is” and not every goal in the game that is theoretically possible has be a finely-engineered experience.

I don’t do nearly as much mount-farming as I used to simply because there are things I enjoy doing more. But every now and then I’ll take an evening and revisit Yogg or tour the old world bosses.

I don’t think a perfect drop system exists and that the goal posts of what feels fun are always shifting and competing with the rest of the todo list.


I don’t think there is a consistent rule on that - some you can and some you can’t.


I personally think mounts should be able to be gained in a variety of ways. Not all mounts should be purchasable from vendors, and not all mounts should be RNG but there is nothing wrong with some mounts being straight RNG like those raids mounts and some mounts only obtainable from rep or currency.

Just like the system as it is now.

I don’t care for people who want to force a currency type of system to every mount or in every aspect of the game because that just isn’t fun and makes the game too extremely boring.

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i tend to stick to facts.

if people want to ask for changes, ask for changes.
…but why create elaborate back-stories, with manufactured “facts”?

Now look inward, and try a little self-diagnosis.
Ask yourself why you’re on a forum, launching personal attacks against someone who dared to have a different opinion to you.

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I use the forums as an outlet to decompress my brain from my job.

I hardly launched any personal attack at you outside of stating what I’ve observed over the years from you given the manner of the responses you provide to threads. Sometimes you make valid points, other times you’re a rude/obnoxious and I’m fully aware the same could be said for me; however, this isn’t about me. You feel as though I’ve attacked you, when I really didn’t.

The fact you feel the need to verify random crap on the forums and then call it out … why? Does it give you some sort of personal satisfaction in raining on some anonymous person’s parade? What do you get out of it? Does it make you feel better? If so, then you’ve verified my point in being miserable and needing to make yourself feel better at the expense of someone else.

As I said, I have no hard feelings toward you. If I did, I assure you I’d be a lot more rude toward you. I’m trying to understand your need to make others look less than yourself. Nobody is perfect and everyone embellishes the facts of different things in life. You’re no different, and if you deny it you’re lying only to yourself.

The difference is you don’t have someone who can pull up a file on your personal life to verify it. It’s a game, let people ride their high and be happy. There’s enough negativity on these forums.

Again … you do you. I’m not telling you what to do. Just calling you out for being unnecessarily rude.

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Yes, rare is good, and it should stay rare. The idea of being able to buy a mount like Invincible is just completely repugnant. And yeah, it took me I forget how many kills before I finally got it back in February.

If Blizzard wanted these mounts to not be frustratingly difficult to get, they wouldn’t reduce the drop chances when the corresponding xpacs are no longer current. So I doubt they would introduce a special currency, or fool around with bad luck protection on these things.

(Lavalämp) #106

These mounts are not meant to be currency grinds and they are not meant to be “earned”. Unless you did the raid on the highest difficulty when they were guaranteed drops.

They are meant to be a rare drop, a lottery item that gives people a chance to get a mount they couldn’t or wouldn’t get when the content was current.

That is the way they should stay.

(Nobully) #107

needlessly making negative assertions about someones personal character, is a personal attack.

why do you want to make this about me?
perhaps you should be asking why people feel the need to make stuff up.
…how does it benefit anyone in any way?

if an idea can’t stand on its own merit, perhaps it’s not such a great idea.

take my posts at face value, and stop trying to read other stuff into them.
there is nothing “rude” about sound logic.
there is literally nothing to be offended over, please stop trying to find reasons to be offended.

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We can go round all day/night. You’re only proving my point with everything you’ve said. I hope you realize this. Reread what I’ve said, then read your responses. If anyone is making assertions regarding commentary, it’d be you.

And being offended? Again … you’re the one who feels attacked by me calling you out. Maybe follow your own advice? I’ve been quite civil with you.

The extent of my commenting was to ask you why you feel the need to make yourself feel better at the expense of others. You’re trying to bypass it and not respond through deflection. You’re not very good at it, unfortunately.

Have a good evening. I’ve said all I feel the need to say to you on this topic, as you’re obviously not willing to answer the initial question.

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So, for the last month or so, I’ve been swinging through Deepholm to see if that one daily is up where if you do it 10x you get a pet. That daily is super annoying; it doesn’t seem to come up very frequently at all. But that’s beside my point.

Anyway, the other day I was on my way to the throne, and NPC Scan started screaming at me; Aeonaxx had spawned, literally right on top of me!

I dunno, this seemed like a good thread to tell that story.

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That is completely untrue for most players. 10m gold in a year would take far more time invested for most players than 100 legacy raid clears.
Most people probably have never even seen 1m gold who play this game.
*This also glosses over the fact they would then have to camp the BMAH every night and beat out other players when the desired mount showed up.

An alternative currency as a fallback for bad luck would be a nice addition, imo.

(Nobully) #111

are you still upset that i dared to congratulate you on your mount drop?
i’m such a big ol meanie! :roll_eyes:

if people want to make stuff up, they deserve to be called out on it.

i also call out the people who complain they’re “bored” and there’s “nothing to do”… the same people who predictably haven’t touched 75% of the game.

If people want to make stuff up for entertainment purposes, go for it!
…but this is asking for changes to be made to the game, and there should be some sort of sound reasoning behind a request which would impact the entire playerbase.


If you want a mount, you just have to farm it weekly until you get it, the more characters the better. after 250+ lich king kills on 10 characters weekly, i finally got it. I farmed ToT mounts on 6 characters weekly. after 4 months of farming weekly, i got them both. You just have to keep at it until it drops cause it will drop randomly when you dont expect it.

If you want to get them without putting work, get gold and buy them off the BMAH. Or just be like those random players who get them on the 3rd week lmao


No one ‘has’ to do that. Some people like doing that and that opportunity shouldn’t be taken away because people like OP want to make the game boring.

It would become just another chore to do weekly. OP and the mage who doesn’t even like this game want to make this game into an endless list of chores to do.

(Leafblight) #114

In my opinion the easiest, “and therefore most likely to be implemented,” solution is to increase drop rates for any dungeon that does NOT have a skip quest. I don’t mind Foundry or HFC so much because i can skip right to the end. Clearing both takes me about 10 minutes. Icecrown Ulduar and SOO don’t have any kind of skip quest so each one is a significant time investment. Having the same drop rates for those just feels wrong. Throne of Thunder was particularly bad until Ji’kun finally dropped.

(Zachaios) #115

Your lack of comprehension skills are astounding. :roll_eyes:

This is the only relevant part of anything you responded with which pertains to the original question, which you STILL have not answered. What do you get out of correcting someone who - for as far as they’re concerned believe the information is accurate - by calling them out with an obnoxious response? Why can’t you just say, “grats” and move on with your day? Reread all I’ve already said to you, then insert it here again.

Again, you make an attempt to deflect from the main point, which is apparently way over your head by adding commentary which has absolutely nothing to do with anything outside of self-soothing your ego.

I’m done man. You obviously know I’m correct in my assessment, as you’re still deflecting and waving your hands in the air trying to distract from the main point I’m trying to make, ultimately just proves how right I am. You counter questions by trying to redirect them, then add comments which are irrelevant.

I acknowledged I was done last time, but I’m legit not going to waste my time continuing this circle with you. It’s not going anywhere as you seem to be incapable of understanding what it is I’m saying to you.

Take it easy dude.