Yall got anymore of them "Beta Access waves"

Happy to start posting this everywhere…


From a post by Bornakk, I don’t think any more Closed Beta invites are expected to go out tonight, it’s all stress testing tonight.

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Seeing cata babies getting in is like michael scotts worst birthday when he was allergic to the pony so he had to watch all the other kids ride the pony. Thats my damn pony…

I’m fine with not getting a stress test invite. I’d rather do real beta testing on the game, check the cracks and crevices for bugs. But I feel like no more regular beta invites will go out :confused:

dont say that

This made me think. He didn’t say invites to the Classic WoW beta, he said future closed beta invites.

Carefully chosen words there. BFA patches, Next expac? Future closed beta invites can mean any number of things.


see? thats what I want to see

?? You want to see that it’s possible they won’t expand the field of regular beta testers?

Sometimes a spade is just a spade. Before you go crazy with all that tinfoil, consider the context he was speaking in. He was talking about the Classic WoW Closed Beta. So the stress testers aren’t likely to find themselves at the head of the line for beta testing the next expansion to Hello Kitty Island Advetures.

He was likely to have been using “closed beta” as a shorthand means of differentiating it from the stress test, nothing more, nothing less.

Man, seeing people still get stress test invites at 1 AM, gives me hope !

I said it before, I have personally received beta invites from them as late(early?) as 1AM in the morning their time(Pacific), so there is possibly another 2 hours to go on that.

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yeah great too hear for sure. fingers crossed.


I wasn’t doing the tin foil hat thing. I was just pointing out that I personally believe that I won’t make it into beta because the field of accounts is too big, they may not plan to extend many or anymore invites, or the rng gods hate me. Personally I think it’s all 3 lol

OR their working on YOUR invite right now.
ide say they’re equally likely

It’s an automated system. Fortunately it doesn’t sleep. I would love to see the algorithm they’re using. Yeah, I’m nerdy…

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True enough, but I have a sneaking suspicion they’re going to be opening things up by rather a lot around the time that Stress test 2 rolls around. And the thing that will let them do that is that nasty little piece of work people keep complaining about in regards to that whole “an active account is required to participate” matter. Someone mentioned previously the Vanilla Beta test had 22 servers by the time all was said and done. The only Blue commentary regarding the beta’s size and scale was that it would start very small.


Honestly I can see 1 week of open beta since theyre already getting subs for the game and its not even out

Well, at some point they will have to put round the clock strain on their layering system. You reach a point where a 2 hour test won’t provide enough data about 24/6 (not 7 cause maintenance) operation under load.

I can see at least two additional Beta servers (PvE + PvP) as “fresh start” servers, with layering enabled from the start, and enough invites going out to populate multiple layers both there and on the two OG Beta severs already running(the twinking on the (near) level 30 capped players has already begun). If only to simulate later potential launch conditions for Classic should they need to ramp up additional realms.

I’d probably ballpark roughly 4 to 5K invites per layer going with a population target of 2.5K to 3K player concurrency. So even two layers on two servers is 12,000 additional invites going out.

But when you’re talking about an interested player pool that likely numbers tens of thousands if not hundreds of, it’s still a drop in the bucket. Some of it though, I think would be to try to minimize the tourist aspect. If many of the tourists can get their fill in beta, it’s less work in the official release.

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