Y'all are so quick to forget the actual gameplay changes coming in 9.1.5

So wherever I see someone appreciating changes, that you decide are minor, I should substitute White Knighting? Is this where I turn it around and say Who are you to tell people what they should think about proposed changes?.

Attaching derogatory tags to people that disagree with you isn’t, IMHO, very productive.

For example:

Personally, WoW is the least expensive hobby that I enjoy on a regular basis. I have zero issues with any of the things you describe in the quote. It is the least expensive of pretty much all of the things I do for entertainment, which includes TV subscriptions, buying movies (heck a month of WoW is less than purchasing a single new movie and a lot less expensive than actually going to the movies.). I’m having fun so I disagree that they aren’t delivering value for my money, does that make me a White Knight or a, horrors, a Bad Person?

People are seldom going to agree on everything, especially something as subjective as enjoying a video game.

Because they could have done all the positive gameplay changes without doing a woke witchhunt of old game content.


Consider the following: you could just not be a baby about it

Did the changes actually effect you personally? On my part, I haven’t seen a single change that I would likely have even been aware of if I hadn’t been keeping up with the forums. Oh, I may eventually wondered why my Gnome wasn’t being spit upon by the horde when I PvP, but it wouldn’t have bothered me.

can you share these wonderful changes that people have been asking for, for ALL expansions…please?

because… yes… there is a SMALL change coming… Blizzard needs to do A LOT. really, A LOT of changes in this game to START getting a little better…

Sure can: PTR 9.1.5 Development Notes

Most notably for me is changing the AOE cap, removing conduit energy, making it easier to covenant swap, and I’m looking forward to legion time walking and M+ and mage tower coming back

I mean, patch 9.1.5 only pertains to current content. Not sure what you’re looking for.

Gotta start somewhere my guy.

Really, just stop it. Stop telling people to quit the game, because they dare say something needs to be better or improve drastically.

Your feelings will be ok. Talk about someone being a baby.


How can they want something to change and then get upset when they introduce changes that many people asked for?

The game is changing, in a positive way. If all you’re gonna do is whine and complain because it’s not fast enough or whatever then I’m not sure what to tell you

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with telling someone to stop paying for a service if they’re unhappy with it. Especially when the changes that they’re unhappy with are superficial and they’re whinging about WoW going ‘woke’

(seriously, anyone who uses ‘woke’ as an insult is already sending up a ton of red flags, I’d rather not have those people around)

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Meh… Without new heritage armor, there is no reason to bother.

9.1.5 Looks like a worse patch than WoDs 6.1. Ya’know; the Selfie Patch? At least that patch added new things and didn’t strip the game of humour.

The only positive here is Legion Timewalking and Mage Tower. Everything else has been things people were asking Blizzard to fix from BETA over a year ago. Pull the Ripcord, BETA feedback, bug reports; everything was there and they could’ve implemented the changes at any time.
Instead they’ve opted to be all “Look payer player, we’re fixing things. Please don’t leave. Look we removed some edgy jokes and change women to fruit. We’re changing.”

It’s nothing but their usual “Break glass in case of fire” tactics

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By OP’s logic the selfie patch was one of the best things they ever did

You’re comparing a .1 patch (aka a main content patch) to a .5 patch (a filler patch). If all of the humor in the games come from /fart, you must not be very funny my guy

Yeah, I get it. They implemented it now, what’s the problem?

The 9.1.5 changes should have been there from the start

It’d be like applauding an adult for no longer punching you in the face

Some of the stuff you take for granted from any company making something remotely worth playing

Would you rather get punched in the face 10 times, and then have the person punching you stop, or would you rather the person punching you never stop?

Change is change my guy. Sooner is definitely better, but later is better than never.

You’re assuming they’re stopping and not giving their hand a break. Guaranteed this is going to repeat next expac.

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Okay, if that makes unhappy, you know where the unsub button is right?

Boi did you seriously call 6.1 a content patch? 6.1 changed some models, tweaked stats and introduced Twitter integration alongside the Selfie toy. If that’s what you call content then you have some serious thinking to do.

They’ve implemented it now because vast swathes of people are leaving and taking Blizzards precious money with them. Not in 9.1 when they were fully aware that these were issues, not in 9.0.5 and definitely not in 9.0 when they had all the beta feedback telling them “don’t do this”. Putting a bandaid on a severed arm won’t stop the bleeding

Why do you keep assuming anyone who has an issue with Blizzards repeated failings wants to stop playing entirely? This is a common theme from you throughout this thread.

Do you approach all aspects of life like that? Like, people can be unhappy with bad aspects but still like the whole.

Also, both variants of classic exist.


No sir I did not. What I said was .1 patches are content patches (6.1 being the notable exception).

It sure won’t, but this isn’t that serious. You want Blizzard to fix the game and then whine and complain when they do. Yes, the absolutely should have done it earlier, but it’s here now and that’s a good thing.

Because I think it’s foolish to spend money on products you do not like. If these changes coming late is such a big deal, stop paying them. If it’s such a big deal that it will probably happen again, then stop paying them. Otherwise, take the good changes when the come and be happy they listened, however long it took them to do so.

Progress is progress my dude.