Xuen acting funky?

New to ww monk. Practicing on a target dummy last night. Cast Xuen and he starts attacking the dummy, then runs to me and leaps back to target. Is this working as intended or is there a way to get him to stay on target the entire time? This happens at both long and short distance

It should be purely visual, he should continue to attack even if he’s visually running away. If you’re concerned about it then you can macro /petattack into some of the more frequently used abilities.

Well yea, even as he’s running towards me, I still see yellow numbers going off, but I can’t help but think if I’m missing even one attack. When you cast it, does he run towards you?

Sometimes, it depends on your positioning relative to the target since he spawns in one place then wants to be in a different place if you’re elsewhere. It just gets wonky sometimes, shouldn’t be a problem for your DPS.