XP gains from PvP in Wrath Classic

We’ll see how it plays out, maybe there are a bunch of people who are just waiting for XP from BG’s to mix those in while leveling. And maybe the twinking situation won’t be so bad it drives them off.

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But what about community?
You aren’t adding RDF under the premise it’s bad for the community and server identity…


Winning games against twinks feels awesome. I think sometimes people forget that bgs are objective based. It doesn’t matter how much stamina you have, you still get to sit in sheep when I cast poly.


I wish they had clarified this a little better, as I’d love to know the answer to this too. It sounds like either pre-patch or on launch day at the latest.

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Playing a 39 game right now. Almost all twinks. One spot open each side… queue up lol!

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It should be available on the PTR/Beta soon. The “Experience Eliminators” weren’t working before, but we recently fixed them.


Most wonderful news! Thank you for the response! Keep up the good work!


I’ll just say the twink communities are rejoicing right now. We had really low expectations of this happening, given the treatment on twinks on retail and the complaints from levelers facing twinks.

The expectation was every bracket would be doa for xp off or only scheduled times for some select, popular brackets


“We want to let twinks grief new players” is not a good choice to make.

All this does is make it impossible to meaningfully play BGs as a non-twink. If there aren’t enough twinks to play against each other, well, that’s their problem.


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (good move, Kaivax)

No, it doesn’t.


This. If twinking was such a popular choice it would be able to fuel its own games.


Not if it feeds off the non twink

Stop being delusional.
The reason most brackets are dead is because twinking exists. No one wants to queue into that garbage.


You’re gonna need to listen to some classical music, or perhaps taking up reading non-fiction, before you’re sufficiently ‘on my level’.

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No thank you RFd is bad

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Scroll up and read my experience with twinking. You’re extremely negative on the topic seemingly not trying it yourself.

I had an entire friends list of people who enjoyed it. And had great experiences from it.

They also started as ungeared alts who thought it was an interesting aspect of the game.

Everyone can do it, it was popular until the brackets were split. Those who say that’s false didn’t actually have twinks during that time-period.



As of 20:30 (PST) on Friday 8/12/2022:

  • there are zero games of Level 19 WSG going
  • there are zero games of Level 29 WSG going and zero games of Level 29 AB going
  • there are zero games of Level 39 WSG going and ONE games of Level 39 AB going
  • there are zero games of Level 49 WSG going and zero games of Level 49 AB going



Oh no, I’m being “griefed” by players who are more geared than me!!!

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I twinked in original until it was removed in wrath. 49 warrior with pendulum.
Once twinks gave up because they hated fighting other twinks I also stopped playing.

I don’t currently twink for the same reason I don’t park a level 70 rogue in stv anymore.