X-45 Heartbreaker Mount Drop Rate Increase

Everyone who signed up for the 12 month sub deal should get the increased drop rate across all their toons.


LOL, care to define exactly what a “Greatly increased chance” is exactly? I mean you could change a drop from 1% to 2% and technically be able to claim its been “greatly increased”.


True but any improvement for the drop rate for that mount is a welcome change.


Yes because the Holiday mounts that are around once a year are the same as mounts you can farm whenever you wish to, kekw.

Until that comes out - there really isn’t a reason to celebrate.


You’re welcome

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Only three posts for the whining to commence. Well done.


Without numbers to back it up, we have no reason to be happy or excited for whatever this adjustment is.
Look at Sha of Anger. Still toons lined up every spawn to kill it without a mount to show for it after they “greatly” increased that one too.


These mounts aren’t all that rare. Stratholme in particular is infinitely farmable, as it is a normal dungeon.

I do think that the minimum drop rate should be increased to 1% where it is not. But anybody who really wanted these mounts already has them.

They are people who don’t play alts. It will take them longer. It took me 20 tries on day 1 after the drop rate was changed. For someone who is only running one character, that would have been 20 weeks.


A good estimate isn’t whining.


Just mad you couldn’t make the joke first


Hmm, devil’s is sorta in the details. Did they up it by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 20 percent 50 percent … I mean greatly is vague…

Anyone who gets this now is just getting a hand out.

May as well be a twitch drop at this point.


ALL mounts IMO. I think alts should be for playing alt specs/etc, not created for sole purpose of mount runs.

I love the idea that every mount run I do would be one and done. I actually stopped doing runs cause of burnout of doing tons of world bosses and raids weekly on an army of alts. However if I only had to do everything once a week on a main, and then DR kicked in for alts, that’d be much better system all around.

The purpose of alts can return to just being playing other options, not increasing rolls, period.

Infinitely farmable is not fun though. Creating an alt JUST for a roll and not cause you actually want that alt is not fun. I have dozens of char who’s sole purpose is mounts and nothing else. That’s not fun.


It’s a good estimate of the forum poutrage scaling.

This is your opinion that most people have been playing the game wrong, and those who play differently from how you want to force them to play should be forced out of the game.

Do you also complain about other people who “want everything handed to them on a silver platter” when that’s what you think you deserve?

“Fun” means different things to different people. Wanting to destroy the playstyle of other people so you don’t have to lift a finger to get those sweet rewards you don’t think you should have to work for makes you sound lazy as all heck.


And then there’s you whining about what other people post.


Just because you don’t find it fun, doesn’t mean it needs to be changed guy. Not everything is meant to cater to everyone.

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I think that’s a good move. I’ve been chasing that mount for YEARS across multiple toons.

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Fwiw I did 15 kills a week for 3 weeks before I started slacking back to 2 or 3 a week. Still no mount.
Eventually, maybe I will see it drop.
Thats rng for ya… eventually,maybe.

Thank you for the update.

I’m going to throw what I can normally at the event until the mount drops, good luck to everyone else doing the same.