X-45 Heartbreaker Mount Drop Rate Increase

3 attempts left ugh

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It finally dropped!!
I got the X-45 Heartbreaker mount. :smiley:
Good luck to people still trying to get it :four_leaf_clover:


Mount acquired. God bless.


More people getting happy to see it distracts me from the week of sadness this event brings


You’re paying adventurer. I know it’s been two weeks and you have been busy doing blizzard things so you may have forgotten about this blue post.

Can you tell us what the increased drop rate is? Why is it only for our first toon? Why are our alts being punished when chimes acknowledged blizzard knowing this is not fun for us.

Can you tell us why this is not being hot fixed now? You did it to world boss panda mounts when evokers were bugged. Why are you ghosting us?


they did exactly the same thing with those mounts. exactly the same thing. they didn’t give a specific percentage then either.

“greatly increased”, literally the exact same phrase

Except it wasn’t for the first kill of the week on your account.
It was greatly increased for EVERY kill.

So yeah, when you get 15 ‘great’ chances a year vs 3120, you might expect people to request knowing how (un)likely the chance is.

Which Q mentioned and you conveniently glossed over.


yeah… because there are people who don’t have an RNG angel sitting on their shoulder.


Ok another day, I just left work and I’m back at the hotel about to work again… 52 attempts. It’s not even a game at this point… Thanks for fixing the frustation on this grind Blizzard


There’s apparently a bug too that is removing mounts recently learned unless you stay in an area for a bit, so I’m guessing at least some people are waiting till they zone out to wherever they were to open it and learn it (if it drops). That’s what I’ve been doing, not that I’ll have anything to learn…

I’ve given up on blizzard responding or fixing the drop rate to all toons


calling this “greatly increased chance” is a joke and slap in the face, honestly any event or timed drop should never have a % lower than 1% but got to have people resubbing and coming back for something I guess =/


playing with players OCD, gambling addiction, their own preferences for this item…that kind of treatment to the player goes against Blizzard values:

  • Gameplay First. …
  • Commit to Quality. …
  • Play Nice; Play Fair. …
  • Embrace Your Inner Geek. …
  • Every Voice Matters. …
  • Learn & Grow. …
  • Think Globally. …
  • Lead Responsibly.

This kind of massive RNG design goes against a good product…that’s my opinion, because the whole event and reward lack some of those values…


I stuck around and subbed for a year with the promises of this event changing. I got pwned by chimes

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3 more days guys.

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Well, I’m doing my daily runs instead of playing the actual end game :smiling_face_with_tear: , I’m doing some almost afk…sorry other players but that’s the gameplay provided by this fight x 52 times


got 2 accounts and I’m at 288 runs still no mount =/


I feel you I considered two accounts midway when it started looking bleak


I figure the 60 alts is 900 runs which is a decent attempt to catch the mount and still maintain normalcy. Having done 2 in the accounts in the past 2 years/so it’s been disappointing in the past. Going onto the WoW2 or my second bnet would increase my anxiety (have to get all the characters ready etc). Am more likely to consider it next year though. Now the meta is having the alts mount eligible on separate bnets though. Landing the mount on another bnet is easily another sub &/ xpac fee (for evokers) and potential character transfer with mount in bags though. I don’t even really want to log into my other bnet to see how much legwork I would need to do.

I have two accounts, but because they are on the same bnet it doesn’t matter :frowning: