X-45 Heartbreaker - Minimum level 2023?

The last update doesn’t change some facts:

  1. We don’t know this increase, it could be moved from the current drop to 1% each day for your first attempt that the Holiday only provides like 14 attempts with that increase chance.

  2. Why do we’ve a dynamic level requirement that changes every 2 years?, We lost progress in this game, set the value like 40-50 permanently, So players can’t exploit it with Allied races.

If the pattern continues, We’ll need characters above level 58-60 instead of 50 like the last 2 years. At least in my case, I’ll need to level up like 10 alts 50+ before next Monday.

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? Every new expansion moves the minimum level, the current formula since Legion is like Max level -10 for the epic box, otherwise you get the blue box. If you left the game during an expansion doing 30-40 attempts and comeback in another expansion a lot of those characters are not longer valid for the epic box, because Devs move the minimum level.

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It’s always 10 levels lower from max. This isn’t anything new


And that’s a bad approach, it should be a fixated level.

If it’s like the last few expansions you will need to be level 61 to get the epic box that could contain the mount. levels 60 and lower will get the green box.

It’s always current max level -10, If it’s 61 as you mention, I’ll have to level up 1 level on each alt D:

People in this thread are saying -10, but that is incorrect. It has been -9 for at least 2 expansions if not more.
But maybe they will change it. Who knows. It’s not going to matter much really, you basically get 1 shot a day at the mount.

SL was 50+, therefore; DF should be 60+ :confused:

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I played SL, it was 51 for the epic box. Worst case scenario you have to level a char to 61.

And I played SL too, I did all my attempts with 50+, that’s why I’m now leveling my remaining alts to 60


Maybe 20-30 minutes per alt. Piece of cake.

what will really happen is they reduce the drop rate to 0%, not tell us, then say “we will fix it next year”.

To be fair, as you ARE obsessing over the level, one could say the level is fixated. Technically you are fixated on the level.

Did you mean “fixed”? In which case, it IS fixed at “cap minus 10”.

Did you mean “static”? It sounds like you meant static. This is why using your words is important if you wish to persuade others, to gain momentum to make a change.

But also, this IS a content lane and as such SHOULD have SOME kind of buy in and/or upkeep.

Spending 40 minutes or less on an alt every 2-5 years is pretty trivial for extra holiday rerolls, though that also assumes you capped your alts in the first place.

Why would they design the game around people who aren’t playing it?