Wyrmrest Accord Discord Server

(Keyás) #121

back to the top with you! :ribbon:

(Konstantinós) #122

How do you set a rank?

(Kalad) #123

Hello, Konstatinós, You can set your rank at the #botrest_temple channel. Otherwise, you can give me your server nickname here and I can contact you to help.

(Solafina) #124

New year, new bump!


Don’t join. It’s a madhouse.

There’s too much… discord.

(Kalad) #126

New year, same good old discord server. Come be part of the community!

(Ellivara) #127

I like this discord.

It’s a good discord.

(Keyás) #128

come to the dark side, we got :cookie:s cough cough


Tried to join said invalid link or i was banned

(Zandrae) #130

Try it again?

(Ellivara) #131

Sometimes discord links get a little finicky. Were you able to join, Domminica?

(Keyás) #132

its wednesday, my dudes