Wyrmrest Accord Discord Server

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Toasting an epic bread.

Also, new forum smell!


Oh good, we made it over fine.


Testinggggg because apparently limited to 3 posts in a single thread?

(Targai) #105

We are still alive ladies n’ gents n’ all others!

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It’s time for a bump! hip-checks the thread

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New forums, new bump!

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While they’re fixing the forums, come to the discord!

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Bump! Hyped for 8.1!

(Zandrae) #110

:peacock: *Fans at the thread.*

(Ellivara) #111

So, I did join! I’m not really sure what the ranks mean, though, to be honest. What does choosing a specific rank do? Is there any difference between ‘member’ and one of the class-based ranks?

Nevermind, I just wasn’t understanding what I was reading. Only vanity. xD. It’s too late for my reading comprehension to function.

(Zandrae) #112

Member assures you can see all the channels. It also sorts you into “member.” Sometimes there may be derping in making sure every rank is added to every channel.

I may wrangle yet another bot into the server who assigns roles by reactions and just let people change all their roles that way.

But I’d want custom reactions with class icons, meaning I’d have to temporarily flush a bunch of emoji to set that up.

Member assures you can see everything you possibly can outside of opt in (after dark) and request only channels (artist, aloha).

Class colors are purely cosmetic.
All of the @horde and @alliance ranks let you get notifications. Everyone and here are off and we try to keep pings to a minimum.

(Ellivara) #113

Thanks for explaining!

apparently i left member trying to join member, i need to stop trying to figure stuff out on my own xD Just going to stop touching anything.

(Zandrae) #114

Loopy explanation. There’s a written guide to Wyrmrest Discord in the info category but my writing is loopy af.

Many of the mods have festive nicknames for reasons.

I put you in member because you hadn’t yet done it, I go through regularly and try to make sure everyone is in it. Janitor peacock. :peacock: sweeps channels with built in booty feather duster.

(Ellivara) #115

Oh! That’d explain why I was that rank. Fair enough. I had gotten distracted after setting the rank for colour, so I didn’t quite manage it before you did. xD.

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bumpitty bump bump schwing

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Join for my dumb bear jokes. Stay for the dumb bear jokes.

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have a bear of a time

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*fans at the thread.* :peacock:

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Oh boy it’s BUMP time!