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(Grunhalata) #81
no it was this one i got banned 1 year ago :(

(Kalad) #82
What is your discord tag please?

(Grunhalata) #83

(Kalad) #84
Checking our logs, I found the reason why you were banned.

You insulted the mods, said the mods made "!@#$ rules", and said the mods are to blame for users breaking the rules.

We see no reason to unban you, I'm sorry.

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What a terrible night to have a bump

(Amyliah) #88

(Kalad) #89
Gotta keep going! Bump!

(Skyaria) #90
10/16/2018 03:33 PMPosted by Kalad
Gotta keep going! Bump!
I will bump too! /hipchuck

(Zandrae) #91
Now with slightly more aloha.

(Nethielle) #92
Join now to recieve one (1) free potato!

(Fisherman) #93
10/16/2018 06:13 PMPosted by Nethielle
Join now to recieve one (1) free potato!

Can I have a fish instead?

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10/10/2018 10:19 PMPosted by Kalad
What a terrible night to have a bump


(Kalad) #96
Our blizzcon channel was reopened today!

Come talk about all things blizzcon! You can also go back in the past and see all predictions from alst years, what was right, what was wrong, what riled people up, what made hem happy, and more!

(Zandrae) #97
It's like time travel but less wibbly wobbly.

(Zandrae) #98
We've dug the Blizzcon channel out of the archives for yet another Blizzcon.

I look away for an hour and there's like 600 new posts. @.@

(Kalad) #99
I hope you all enjoyed blizzcon! Blizzcon chatter will star with us for a bit longer, so you still have a designated place to discuss all of it,

(Grunhalata) #100
what about now