Wyrmrest Accord Discord Server

(Milladee) #21
The new revamp makes it pretty clear to see what kinda thing people are pinging for, if you wanna check out someone's RP events, or guilds looking for things, or heck, link your stream if you wanna!

Also we have the best emoji.

Although I have the personal best.


(Kalad) #22
Good news everyone!

We've just created a brand new channel, The Lounge.

This channel focus will be on community leaders; be either guild leaders, community reps, event creators, and everything else.

This idea behind this channel is to have these community reps, people to drive roleplay forward, to communicate easily with eachother. That way, they would be able to know when events are happening for cross-guild interaction, avoid conflicting dates on big events, share ideas and recruitment drives, or even ask for help when dealing with problems they might not know how to solve on their own.

We invite and encourage everyone who's a guild leader, community leaders, event creators and everyone else who like to "take the lead" when it comes to community driven RP to join the channel! The instructions are on the rules channel.

(Sholaad) #23
Been seeing the word "Discord" being thrown around alot recently. Had no idea what it was until today. I may just join. Good stuff

(Kalad) #24

(Pereghost) #25
First off, the invite link in your OP is broken.

Secondly, I'm really disappointed after joining this Discord. I'm fairly new to Wyrmrest Accord and joined your Discord after being here a few weeks. It was a cool place to see the passion that a lot of the players on this server have, while also sharing art, music, etc.

As of this morning I've been kicked from the server with no given reason. No warning for something I may have done wrong (I post maybe once a week as is) or any other PMed message.

Is this something your moderators do often? Just randomly kicking people for undefined reasons? :(

(Zandrae) #26
We have records and reason for every kick and ban.

I will need your discord username to investigate.

(Pereghost) #27
I'm Delta. The only thing I posted recently was a catchy song in the music channel.

If that type of music isn't allowed, you could have just told me.

EDIT: Apologies for posting it. Didn't realize the lyrics translated to something that offensive.

(Zandrae) #28
This stuff happens sometimes.

(Vyralore) #29
Thanks for the link. Some coordination should go a long way.

(Kalad) #30
Bumpity bump!

Happy holidays to everyone!

(Kalad) #31

Happy new year everyone!

(Kalad) #32
Bumpity bump!

(Laoming) #33
Just joined. Waiting on the 10 min timer to finish before setting rank and such.

(Kalad) #34
New month, new bump!

(Jinmalan) #35
First of all, I really like the idea of having a oficial discord for our community here. But I must say that I don't think this is the ideal solution for more integration in our realm. I'm very confident that with the introduction of the communities feature in the next expansion, and with the in-game integration with bnet groups, we will be able to tie up better social solutions for us.

Imagine if we could have these discord channels ingame. Well, that's the future.

And I can also see cross-realm fishing groups popping up... Barbecue gatherings... There are so many ideas...

In the meantime: let's get this discord going!

(Cadlington) #36
Ey, bamp.

(Kalad) #37
To the top with you!

(Banrok) #38
Now with a weeb quarantine channel, for all of you random weebs to talk about yer dragon maids 'n' stuff

(Sideswipe) #39
You cannot contain weeb of this magnitude, you can only hope to brace yourself when the storm approaches.

(Zandrae) #40
I'm not sure whose idea making the "Weeb quarantine" channel was but y'know, it's mildly entertaining.

Spriests can talk about their クナイフ ワイフ 四 ルアイフ in peace.