[WW] SEF Bugs And More

Ever since Legion when the decision was made to make Storm, Earth, and Fire our main DPS cooldown there has been a lot of back and forth between the community and Blizzard in regards to the ability. The ability has since it’s inception been compromised by bugs.

Blizzard back then actually listened to the feedback in regards to it and we eventually got a pretty big fix to the ability in 7.1.5.

Hey Windwalkers! 

We previously responded to feedback about Serenity feeling mandatory due to bugs with  Storm, Earth, and Fire, and we said that we were working on those bugs. Here’s an update on how we’re doing with that. 

The following fixes for Storm, Earth, and Fire are coming in Patch 7.1.5:

Clones' Fists of Fury now channels faster with Haste, plus an additional 25% faster, to further eliminate any chance of it being clipped due to tight timing.

Clones now travel much faster between targets.

Clones will no longer target Immune enemies, or crowd-controlled enemies, or enemies you aren’t in combat with.

Clones now choose a target within 15 yards of themselves (was 30 yards), to make them more responsive and give you tighter control of them. You may still manually re-target them, or summon them in a location closer to your intended target.

Clones will now only re-target when you use an ability that applies  Mark of the Crane, and their current target already has  Mark of the Crane.

If a clone is not in range of their target when an ability is used, they will leap to the target and then use the ability (instead of not using the ability).

Clones now inherit your stacks of  Transfer the Power when they are summoned. They now generate and benefit from these stacks.

Clones now inherit your stacks of  Hit Combo when they are summoned (and continue to generate and benefit from it).

They now have 100% of your health (was 50%), and they now inherit your Dodge chance.

Storm, Earth, and Fire no longer reduces the damage/healing of spells and abilities that the clones do not mirror (such as trinket procs).

We’re committed to making this a fun and functional ability. Please let us know if you find any further bugs with it.

Thank you very much!

Just an expansion launch later however and we’re coming across a lot of the same problems with the ability again.

Two of the biggest problems with the ability in BFA are that specific Azerite traits end up getting reduced during the SEF window (last fix in that 7.1.5 patch is back yet again), and the Mark of the Crane mechanic still having issues every now and then (Sometimes clones apply MoTC on a target but you don’t get a stack, or sometimes not dropping stacks when you should).

Pressure points: Tiger Palm’s chance to make your next Blackout Kick free is increased to 10% and Tiger Palm deals an additional 2,047 damage.

  • Has a 55% damage reduction during Storm, Earth, and Fire as it gets reduced as if the clones copied the bonus but they do not.
  • This trait was introduced in the beta, in the 26624 build. Introduced in the middle of May of 2018. This trait has been bugged for nearly 9 MONTHS now.

Dance of Chi-Ji: Spending Chi has a chance to make your next Spinning Crane Kick free and deal 3,748 additional damage.

  • This trait suffers from the same issues Pressure Points does, it does reduced damage during Storm, Earth, and Fire.
  • This was introduced in 8.1, specifically the 27985 PTR build in the first week of October [~4 Months ago]. So it’s relatively new, however as shown above this issue isn’t new and having gone almost nearly a year for it to not even get any attention or comment about it is incredibly depressing/disheartening.

Glory of the Dawn: Rising Sun Kick has a 25% chance to trigger a second time, dealing 12,657 Physical damage and restoring 1 Chi.

  • According to others this trait also suffers from the same issues as the two mentioned above. But I personally can’t verify it myself.
    EDIT: It appears that it doesn’t get reduced during SEF, it however doesn’t gain anything from it either. Ending up neutral during the cooldown as opposed to doing more damage during your cooldown.

Notable inclusions:

  • The Dance of Chi-Ji bug was reported along with the Fury of Xuen bug (Generating multiple stacks per hit), except the only one that was managed to get fixed was the FoX trait. Likely because it actually increased our damage instead of being a hindrance to it like the others.

I think it’s a huge problem that we can go 9 months dealing with the same bugs and issues you were suppose to have fixed back in 7.1.5. It has gone on for far too long now. Under what normal situation can a DPS cooldown result in a 55% damage reduction to things, it’s been an ongoing problem since the ability was introduced in Legion and it needs to stop now.

Sticky Note it or something. Because every time you add something brand new to the game it has this exact issue. The Azerite system is only the newest culprit, but what will happen with whatever system you come up with for the next expansion.

#Bugwalkers, so much for making it a “fun and functional ability”.

I apologize for the passive-aggressiveness, but having to deal with the same problem over and over again and have gaps of up to 9 months before they get addressed again is so draining. Needed to vent a bit :wink:


To add to this, there are many other bugs with Windwalker that aren’t centered on Storm, Earth and Fire.

When gaining large amounts of haste via a proc (Fury of Xuen, Bloodlust, Galecaller’s Boon) you can run into situations where you will be unable to use Whirling Dragon Punch. This is a relatively “new”-ish problem that became more popular in 8.1 as a result of Fury of Xuen being added. I reported this bug a few weeks ago (Windwalker Bugs in Season 2 - #3 by Thegalant-misha) but haven’t heard any communication from the devs about this.

Additionally, It seems if the CDR from Blackout Kick exceeds the tooltip cooldown on Fists of Fury or Rising Sun Kick the CDR will not work.

Occasionally your Storm, Earth and Fire Spirit’s Mark of the Crane stacks will add to yours and they will never fall off resulting in situations where you can obtain 5 stacks of Mark of the Crane on Single Target with no additional targets having spawned up to minutes before hand. Not entirely sure how this bug works but it should be looked at.

Windwalking (the movespeed aura) will sometimes turn off (by entering a vehicle) and the aura will fail to work until you switch specs

Mainly what needs to be fixed immediately is that many Azerite traits (Pressure Point, Dance of Chi-ji, Glory of the Dawn) are not working with Storm, Earth and Fire at all resulting in a loss of DPS while you are inside of your CD. This was one of the main points you addressed way back in 7.1.5 that bugs should not hinder Storm, Earth and Fire and it should work as intended. Unfortunately nowadays Serenity is not a viable alternative to avoid these bugs so we are forced to play with them.

Thank you for your time and reading this and I eagerly await a response.


Hello! There are four things to report so far–

  • The Storm, Earth, and Fire + Mark of the Crane interactions should be fixed in 8.1.5
  • Pressure Point should work with Storm, Earth, and Fire in 8.1.5
  • Dance of Chi-Ji should work with Storm, Earth, and Fire in 8.1.5
  • We’re still investigating the Glory of the Dawn trait.

Thank you for the bug reports.


Thank you so, so, so, so, soooooooo much!


Holy smokes, finally! Thank you!

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mark of the crane interactions fixed

wanna say which of the numerous bugged interactions with that ability is fixed?


Thanks for giving us the heads up that it’s being looked into / fixed.

Another one you can look into if you can is the pre-stacking Fury of Xuen stacks before raid bosses.

Again, please excuse the ranting nature of the post it’s just that these issues keep coming up like clockwork and devalue entire expansion features for large chunks of the expansions and it gets rather frustrating. :slight_smile:


Please take a look at my threads involving talented Xuen and the one summoned via the Fury of Xuen azurite trait.

Following up on some items that stemmed from this:

  • We’re fixing the 8.1.5 PTR so that Fury of Xuen stacks are now cleared when you start a boss encounter.

  • In 8.1.5, the Glory of the Dawn artifact trait will now deal 35% increased damage while Storm, Earth, and Fire is active.

Your two clones will still not deal damage or generate any Chi for you, but the trait’s damage will increase in value as it would with any other % damage increasing ability, such as Serenity.


This is all very appreciated. Thank you for looking into our issues.

Sweet, now all that’s left is fixing the tier 21 set so that the pieces say “Chi-Ji” (as it is written everywhere else in and out of game) and not “Chi’Ji”

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Can we get any word on the roll bug thats been in since late wod? That disallows you to use roll at random times doing any content? happens mostly during pvp, and during the jadefire fight in the new raid, heres a video exhibiting it.

You’re the real MVP of the day. :heart:

Here too mickster?!? :rofl:

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Cannot understate how relieved I am to hear this communication

Leave the FoX not clearing on boss fights. If you are going to remove that then you should look into removing any trinket proc stacks, Boomy Arcanic pulsar stacks ect ect…

Hey! Thanks for all the communication on these issues.

While the lines of communication are open i’d like to also report a few more bugs/issues to get these cleared up for a good release of 8.1.5

  • The “Sunrise Technique” Azerite Trait is currently not working at all on the 8.1.5 PTR (won’t apply the buff when I use RSK on a target) but when I tested it on live servers I ran into a few issues. It also suffers from the previous issues where the spirits from Storm Earth and Fire do not trigger or apply the Sunrise Technique debuff and Sunrise Technique does not deal increased damage during Storm, Earth and Fire.

This may be more of a tuning issue but its strange that the trait doesn’t interact with Storm, Earth and Fire at all.

Next this is less of a bug and more of a weird interaction but you cannot switch your “primary” target of Fists of Fury since it locks it on the initial cast unlike Eye Beam where you can dynamically change your target because of this. Not sure if this is something that was intended or not but can cause a strange interaction with the Azerite Trait “Open Palm Strikes”.

  • Open Palm Strikes will not refund Chi if your primary target at the start of Fists of Fury dies or otherwise becomes unavailable

Lastly there is a minor bug where Whirling Dragon Punch (and maybe other Windwalker abilities) will not apply the Mystic Touch debuff when it deals damage.

Again thanks for reading and hope to hear more feedback as we await the release of 8.1.5


Was wondering about inconsistencies with what is considered spending Chi. For example with Dance of Chi-Ji Azerite trait when you consume a free Blackout Kick! proc or Dance of Chi-Ji Proc or use abilities inside Serenity you can gain a Dance of Chi-Ji Proc. But with Inner Strength this isn’t the case and unless you actually consume Chi with your abilities it will not proc. Was unsure if Inner Strength could be changed to work more like Dance of Chi-Ji where if an ability is free when you use it. If It could still be considered spending Chi and give a Inner Strength stack. Such as during Serenity and from Dance of Chi-Ji and Blackout Kick! procs.