WW pvp help

hi guys,
i havent played wow in years and returned for the expac. leveling was fun and i usually love PvP. i was 2200 rated back in wotlk on a warlock so ive got a pretty good understanding on the fundamentals of the game.

Ive been getting into some PvP Bgs and world pvp when people try to gank me while doing world quests.
ive noticed a massive change to karma since i last played as it no longer heals, used to be a massive deterrent almost like iceblock where there was no way youd get attacked with karma up…now it seems anyone can just burst straight through it and self heal any damage it returned.
Are WWs just trash atm or am i playing completely wrong? DHs seem to instagib me and if i do put up a good fight, once they pop meta its just GG, as they heal like crazy and do damage that cant be stopped with all defensives popped at once. they also have better mobility and use “the hunt” to chase the FSK escape, ranged slow with glaive toss, massive range on eye beam, even if you para or kick it the first ticks from reaction time still hurt like hell.
Rogues have 100% to 0% in a stunlock and the poisons and bleeds melt me quicker than i can heal through once i FSK away if i do survive.

I was playing a bit prepatch with the blue gear they made easy to get and monk seemed a lot stronger than it does now. even when i was massively outgeared.
no idea why they feel like a glass cannon now, without zuen and spirits up i feel like a wet noodle compared to some other classes sustain. feel like with it being so early on from launch it isnt too late to reroll to something that has more survivability and doesnt reply on a CD window for burst?

Also its news to me but ive failed to win a single random BG, apparently the general consensus in the chats in there is that horde doesnt ever win anymore and the alliance is the new PvP faction?

some advice would be greatly appreciated, i dont mind at all going on alliance frostmourne as a DH. Always loved the monk but if they aint gunna cut it this expac i would rather quit while im ahead