WW monk help

Hi all, hope everyone is well and healthy.

I am a brand new WW monk first time getting one to 70. Having alot of fun, and enjoying most of the class.

But im running into confusion when i read guides on rotation.

I can not tell you the excat buff’s name but what it does is every time i hit tiger palm it gives me a stack ( up to three) for black out kick. For each stack black out kick will kick again ( again up to three)

So my question is, should i be purposly always be waiting to use black out kick when i have the three stacks or do most people just do two.

Just a question i had, thank you in advance for your time.

Just to preface, I haven’t played my WW since the beginning of the expansion.

I believe it’s still best to save your Blackout Kick for when you have max stacks (and don’t overcap on stacks). In the long run, it’ll do more damage per cast. If you spend it before max stacks, you’re spending a global on a weaker version of Blackout Kick when you could have saved it for a more empowered version. If you overcap on stacks (by having 3 stacks already and then casting Tiger Palm, wasting the extra stack you would have received), then you’re also wasting potential dps by wasting the global that was spent on Tiger Palm.

Ideally, you’d want to find that happy perfection where you only cast Blackout Kick at max stacks without ever wasting stacks by overcapping.

I hope that helps.

I’m not a WW main, but I do play it enough and the way I use it is basically ideally you want to use it if you’re at 3 stacks of teachings of the monestary. But, keeping your mastery up and keeping stacks of Fury of Xuen is more important. So if you’re at 6 chi, and you don’t have any other chi spenders and are not at 3 stacks, use blackout kick regardless to dump some chi and to ideally to keep your mastery going and another stack of Fury of Xuen.

www.peakofserenity .com

jeremyui weakaura

those two will help you get started

Thank you all very much. Its been enlightening… lol

No but for real thank you just joined the discord and will practice that ty everyone

People have already linked you my website and Discord, so let me answer your question directly; the buff is called Teachings of the Monastery and you do not need to worry about getting it to a certain stack amount before you use it. The main thing to worry about with it is to make sure that if you’re at 3 stacks, you use BoK before using TP again so you don’t overcap stacks.


TotM is essentially viewed as extra damage, and ideally isn’t prioritized over your heavier hitting spenders. Sometimes there will be situations where you’ll naturally build it to 3 but it’s not where you should be putting your focus into.
Do your rotation naturally and don’t worry about it. Look it as a bonus and not a necessary mechanic to worry about. You’ll obviously not want to overcap stacks but you realistically shouldn’t be getting into a situation where you would go that long without using BoK anyways.

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