WW FoF Parry

WW FoF parry is no better than old school DH Blade dance dodge and needs to be removed imo. After the most recent defensive buffs they are fine defensively, also having a baked in defensive on a short CD rotational ability is just bad design imo.


Yea even parrying cheap shot is crazy


sounds like u got incapp’d

Damn bro here I was about to post that.

I embrace my tism.

Also gut WWs please.


lul so u both got owned by mechanics???

Explain how a rotational offensive ability that also makes you effectively immune to melee at the same time (that also has a 90% slow attached to it but idc about that) is good design? lol. DH had theirs removed because it was awful design this is the same category.

It’s a team game. Maybe one of your caster teammates can CC the WW while he is parrying your attacks? And if you are an enhancement shaman, there are plenty of totems you can use to reduce and avoid the damage from FoF while he parries.

Yeah, give them back FoF stun instead!

Fake news detected! You can’t dodge or parry cheap shot for w/e weird reasons!!

Who said it is? It should just go back to 25s flat CD 3s stun.

Feel like it’s pretty common knowledge here that WW is just a very disgusting spec period. The longer WW has fists not require them to fixate on cast, and not have it be a stun, it’ll continue to be this high damage livelord spec that cranks everyone with little to no punishment.

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You can’t dodge/parry from behind, so they just run behind or shadow step and insta stun.

Same thing for Evasion.

The lifetime Combatant Detectorz said “you both got owned by mechanics” did. I am 100% in support of them having it be old fof with no slow or parry attached to it

Who cares what the special say

Lol truuuu

hahahah does that dude still post here? man that thread was good

they don’t even need to do that. cheap shot will land through all 100% dodge/parry mechanics, regardless of direction.

just one of those many many training wheels that rogue still has for some reason


You can parry/dodge kidney shot, but not cheap shot! You literally can’t, no matter in which direction he stands from you.

hes literally posting in this thread lmao


He’s the Druid.


Yeah, I also think it’s a poor design to have a defensive passively included with someone’s damage rotation, especially in PvP.

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Drop an incap totem. Can’t parry that.