WW - 3 and a half minutes = tier set proc'd once 10.2 PTR

WW in pre 10.2 mythic gear single target after 3.5 minutes on dummy only self buffed doing between 120-130k. Swapping out set pieces for the upcoming 10.2 on the same single target dummy for 3.5 minutes doing between 90-100k.

The tier set proc’d an AMAZING ONCE - that’s 1 proc for the entire 3 minutes and 30 seconds. WW is doa.

Who ever the jack-ase is that thought this was even cool… plz leave industry.


Imagine freaking out, calling people names, and telling them to leave the industry they work in because something is clearly not working properly on a test realm


Imagine… not knowing your product to the point that this made it past someone’s desk.

Imagine not taking the time to even run this on any sort of test in a controlled environment to see the proc rate let alone do any kind of preliminary balancing. (why not talk to the people that made Elkbot if Blizzard doesn’t have any inhouse tools to use and see if they’d be willing to at least test their builds lol)

Imagine have any leadership that has allowed this crap to go out the door for the last 15 years…

I stand by what I said, the “developer” that created this needs to leave the industry.

If you fired Ion now, it’d be 15 years to late.


To be fair, WW in general has had a lot of issues/bugs. People report/post about them during the entire length of a beta or PTR, and the same issues/bugs go live anyway. Sometimes never being fixed. He has every right to be frustrated.