WTF Happened To Faerlina

Blizz opened up Free Transfers
Now there’s like 2 alliance only TBC servers and 1 Horde only server.
I don’t think there’s any servers that have an even faction balance.

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Yeah that wasn’t the ENTIRETY of it all. They were already leaning towards faction, YET THEY ALLOWED FREE TRANSFERS TO AN ALREADY LARGE/FULL SERVER.

And the rest of the % is people paying to transfer to the ‘mega server’.

Why did they let it go that far?



At this point, this is what I want:

One mega server per global region + game type (So NA PVE and NA PVP)

Massive layering

Greatly restricted freedom of movement between layers. Layer inviter must be within 500 yards of you + you will return to your home layer a little while after leaving your party. Every week or so there’s a layer shuffle + balance where they get balanced out and you get a new home layer.

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We dont need no water let the motherfather burn.

This is as good as it gets. Enjoy it while it lasts.

“Free transfers”

Oh they put FREE transfers in because they are greedy? That makes so much sense!

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This does not cover all of the servers in need. And plenty are near death with having to PAY to go to a ‘healthy’ realm.

Though, feels like I am wasting my energy replying to someone who spams bizarre topics on the forums on a daily basis.

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LOL WHAT?! Bene was already the destination about 3 months prior to free xfers opening up. Faerlina was eyeing Bene back in August… just decided to xfer as the 2.5 nerfs were about to land.

If you think free xfers had anything to do with this you are sooooo lost

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Horde need to come to Grob and even things out. Wpvp is alive and thriving there but we need more horde


Blizzard purposefully ruined Classic IMO. I really do think so. There was no need for them to SPLIT Classic and Classic TBC into two parts. They should have just released Classic TBC and then people who wanted to stay in Classic simply would not buy the TBC. And now it is split into 3 parts with SOM. It will be split into 4 parts with WOTLK Classic. Blizzard is trying to kill Classic. HORRIBLE idea to split the expansions like that. 100% of my guild I was GM of QUIT and unsubbed from WoW the moment Blizzard did that. None of them have logged on since and I have most of them Btaggged as well so I know.


??? its a new xpc

Well if you have that logic that every expansion needs to be split into separate parts to where you cannot interreact with your friends in those parts, then lets split retail WoW into 8 parts. Other MMOs have done that. That is the fastest way to kill any MMO and it is impossible to come back after that. That is the ONLY reason why Classic is dead now is because they split it into two separate parts.

Stormwind on every server I played on was packed with 100+ level 60s at any given time. You could not even see the ground in the Trade District. As SOON as TBC launched and Blizzard announced they were splitting it into two parts, every single member of the guild I was GM of that I made day one of Classic all quit and they have not logged on since. They all said it was because of the split that no one asked for and no other reason. I used to have a level 60 capped account all the way thru WoTLK and I could still interact with all my friends on it because it was not split. Everyone who has ran an MMO knows that you never split up expansion packs as there is no faster way to kill an MMO. WoW now has SOM, TBC, Classic and retail Soon it will have WoTLK separate from all the others and will be split into 5 different games where no one from any of those games are able to interact with their friends. I am only on SOM now because everyone left my Classic server.

Since there are no new players joining the game, server health deteriorates over time. So when skeram was dying, half the horde pop from there paid transferred to Faerlina, amongst other servers. This meant that Horde gained a 50% population boost by p2, moving a 55/45 A/H server to a 35/65 A/H server.

There’s no recovering from this at all when you have no new players joining. Meanwhile Benediction has been taking in all alliance players over the course of p2, increasing its alliance population by almost double. So, again, players weren’t spreading out across servers but now actively choosing the single one.

Then the comes the free transfers, that DIDN’T RESTRICT full servers or take in consideration of faction balance. So all the low end server horde players had 2 choices, whitemane or faerlina. This finally pushes Faerlina to 20/80 and the writing became very clear. The server population was so dead there were almost no auctions left, no LFGs left, no one in the overworld, nothing.

So all the top guilds collectively decided to move to Bene where there are 130k auctions, 100+ LFG postings, daily pug/gkdp raids, etc.

The reality is, even with 6k players on a server, that server is essentially dead because 90% of that population is raidlogging. a 20k server becomes vastly easier to play on because even at 90% raidlog, you still have 2k players on daily to play with.


what? wtf are you drinking ? you’re hoping blizz to Re-code every xpc to work toghether ?

I could say the same to you. How could you not comprehend what I just said to you.

I said release it the EXACT same way they did the last time. Basic MMO logic that you never split the expansions. You dont even have a Classic toon or you would actually know this.

The vast majority of those who unsubbed after TBC released cited that as being the main reason. Not fair that I wanted to play TBC and was unable to play with my friends who wanted to stay in Classic. Last time that people did not want to go to the new expansion they just didnt go to it and also one of the guilds I was GM of got auto disbanded as soon as I bought TBC and it does not exist on either version. All my guildies, made guildless in a split second.

are you talking about SOM ? or TBC ?


This guys guild visits Orgrimmar on a weekly basis. They like to give out power naps to everyone. :wink:

Narcissism happened. Benediction is like 95% alliance, which I assume is where you’ll soon be moving to.

Most likely yeah. If I actually want to level in outland lol.

Why would you want all this but not connected realms? I wouldnt mind seeing a red name bar in the open world again.

When I bought TBC and went over there with my main, it auto disbanded my guild, kicked 100% of everybody out of it without me doing it, and then for every toon that I wanted to play in the new expansionI had to PAY to copy them over. Every single toon that I wanted to play… I had to pay to play my own toons that I already leveled. What if you had to do that with every toon you had when you bought Shadowlands? You just bought SL and began playing. And now for SOM they are saying that your toons can transfer over after SOM is finished as it will be closed after a 12 month period with no second chance at it ever again. People are already asking for a SOM 2. But too bad for them. This is the last time EVER that Classic will launch and if you miss it this time you will never ever get another chance as SOM shuts down after the 12 months and you can move your toons over from SOM for a fee per toon. $15 per toon. So if you had 10 toons you need to pay 150 to play them all.

And Blizzard made it to where people with TBC and Classic are unable to interact with one another. You have zero communication with any of your friends if they did not buy the new expac in time and also did not pay $15 per toon to unlock each and every toon that they wanted to play. You really do have to pay a fee to play your own toons. And it is toon per toon. Not one pays for all. Every single alt that you have is LOCKED until you pick an expansion and then pay to move it forward. Either way you end up guildess so no point in trying to reconnect with all of your friends and they are all removed from your friends list as well as soon as you move over.