WSG was more fun before WSG weekend

This is probably the first WSG weekend I’ve spent most of my day playing WSG, and I realise a week of AV bonus honour has probably made things a little worse than it should be - But it was very much getting either 9 min losses or 30 min GY camped, with 2-3 pug v pug games in there that were super fun.

Outside of the weekend (and again, granted, before the week long AV slog) I felt like I had better chances at even-ish games. Not sure what I’m getting at here, just circling back to what I was saying a few weeks ago, its hard to engage with WSG if you can’t see or care about the ‘carrot’.

I do feel like I learnt a bit about how to play my Pally in PvP at least? Not a total time sink. Will give it another crack tomorrow most likely, but I think WSG weekend might be bait for casuals and bads (me and me), and during the week WSG might be the better go for ‘for-fun’ games.

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WSG is just going to go like that. Sometimes you are the windshield, sometimes you are the bug.

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Whatever BG’s are poppin that are not the BG weekend are generally better because the “honor farmers” are not in them.

This is simply because of how the game points are awarded.

Blizzards system of points awarded directs play to be ultra honor per hour making the game play boring AF.

If they changed the points system so that playing the actual objectives (win or loss) is how the game points are awarded; then you would see FAR BETTER game play.

FOR EXAMPLE: The way AV distributes points is actually superior to AB, and AB is superior to WSG…

The reason for this is simple, AV’s points distribution is allocated based on objective play. Its still lacking and should reward things like back capping, but that’s improvements to be made.

WSG only awards flag caps and winning, AB is kind the same in that but still awards points better than WSG.

The thing WSG has going for it, is the map is so fun.


Really good perspective, I think. Daresay you are right that the games feel worse cause the grindset players are here for the weekend.