Wsg map change in the PTR

The Horde one is easy to learn the Alliance side one requires some sort of speed boost…I always thought that one was esp dirty since Druid always had a speed boost with 0 cd.

Look if we can pick and choose what changes are ok and which aren’t then they should just do Classic+ with a voting system like OSRS.

Either they want us to have a say or they don’t.

I’ve seen relentless whinging on these forums get things changed in classic so why not do the bloody classic+ voting system.

WSG jumps always been a core part of the vanilla WSG experience. They provide more movement options and adds an extra layer of tactical depth. We are now getting a watered down version of classic WSG.

Probably the people advocating those changes got absolutely clowned by an elite FC druid and instead of learning to play the game, opened a ticket and reported him for hacking.

No one appreciates how much dedication and hard work is required to play a druid to its maximum potential in WSG. I feel bad for druid players, the classic team just took a huge dump on the only thing the worst class in the game is good at.


I mean I could say the same thing about all the AV jumps and Premade queuing.

Blizzard clearly disagrees, not much you can do about it.

#nOchaNgeS :clown_face:

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take a second to acknowledge that in the last few builds that made it to the WoW Classic PTR we were experimenting with a few tweaks and bug fixes to help try and resolve some terrain exploits present in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. Unfortunately, this had a few unintended consequences in Warsong Gulch in particular and we went ahead and reverted some (but not all) of those fixes. The most recent PTR build that was released today (v.36524) has all of these reversions and tweaks so if you would like to pop back in and check it out, we’d love to get some extra feedback on it.

Thank you for the posts and comments on this so far about this!


I know you guys might not want to detail these exploits for fear of further use, but is there anyway you can tell us specifically what exploit you guys are finding to severe? There are a ton of things being left as “warts” and others that get changed over night. Hard to tell how you guys are deciding.


Poggies no big rock!

Thank Elune

Go ahead and move that horde cave back and prioritize GYs in AV while you’re at it :+1:t2:


This please, or at least the grave yards.

Or if you need more empirical testing make which side you start on random for factions for like a week.

It needs more help than WSG or AB for balance.

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I guess with changes this far late in, they are designing for a long-term approach or they are intending at releasing a product at some point with said changes (barring the existing game).

AV is what everybody wants fix for massive physical side differences.

Why work on WSG when AV needs the fix?

Note: “eSport” reasons is not a valid answer.


For the love of god. Could you try doing this for Alterac Valley?


if we’re going to fix anything in Alterac Valley it better be all the line of sight stuff. No one likes being casted at through hills, mountains, and the ground where they can never fight back unless they’re a ranged class and have to just accept being free honor.

SPGY ends up being a death trap every game because a wall meant to protect you ends up being your own worst enemy.

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They also need to fix the SFGY respawn on Alliance side so they respawn at SHGY when they die while attempting to take SFGY. That alone would probably make some games more competitive.

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We’ve been asking for av tweaks for nearly a year. As much as I hate it they aint coming. It’ll remain. 98% win rate for horde with 3 hour ques.


Of the jumps that actually need fixing in WSG, there’s a few safespots that still exist that are relatively easy to get to. One in particular off the top of my head is the roofs of Alliance Portal. I sometimes see people abusing this jump in leveler bgs, and would personally like to see this one fixed. It takes too long to teach an entire team how to get up there, and since it exists very close to the Alliance GY, they will often turtle with most of their team, making it nearly impossible to punish.

Haven’t checked AB yet, but if you could sort out the stables roof safespot situation as well, that would be spectacular.

But you have like a 99% winrate in AV so why would Blizzard alter the maps and confer any additional advantage to one side?


The horde side portal safespot needs to be removed as well, but its much harder to get there, especially compared to alliance portal. If they could patch the “underneath horde base” safespot that would be great too. There’s a lot of safespots that need to be removed, I named the ones that are most commonly abused due to the ease of access to get to.

Alterac has been a garbage battleground since they released the wrong version of it. I’d rather it stay buried if they don’t plan on fixing its multitude of faults. Its also irrelevant to the points I was making earlier.